Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress is the latest playable champion for League of Legends. Riot Games has unveiled a trailer for the gameplay perspective with this new star, as well as a video about its development history.

We already know that we’ll be able to absolutely love her presence in the Rift now that patch 11.8 is released!

Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress

  • Role: Fighter
  • Origin: Shadow Isles
  • Release Date: 15th of April 2021


  • Passive: Thousand Cuts
    • Base ATK deals Bonus Magic DMG
      • Percentage of the enemy’s max HP on impact.
    • Base ATK deals Life Steal.
  • Q: Snip, Snip!
    • Swiftly attacks with her scissors 2-6 times.
      • Deals Magic DMG in a cone.
    • At a minimum, Gwen will make two slashes.
      • Adds 1 slash for each Basics ATK she has lands on an enemy.
      • Up to 4x, maximum of 6 total.
    • Deals True DMG to enemies in the center of each slash.
      • + Bonus DMG from her passive.
  • W: Hallowed Mist
    • The mist surrounds her for 5 seconds.
      • Additional Armor and Magic Resist
    • Makes Gwen invulnerable to all damages if the enemy is outside the mist.
  • E: Skip ‘n Slash
    • A short distance Dash
    • Gives her additional ATK, Range, and Speed.
      • Additional Magic DMG for 4 seconds.
    • Restores 50% of this ability’s cooldown when an enemy is hit.
  • R: Needlework
    • Can cast up to 3 times if Needlework hits an enemy within 8 seconds.
    • Shoot needles in a straight line every cast.
      • Magic DMG and causes Slow on enemies.
      • + Bonus DMG from her passive.
    • First Cast: Shoots 1 needle.
    • Second Cast: Shoots 3 needles.
    • Third Cast: Shoots 5 needles.

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