Gwent: CD Projekt Red Will Sunset Gwent Support in 2024

Gwent was a beloved card game from The Witcher games that made its way to become a separate project. While it introduced a new style of online card gaming, it never challenged the mantle from popular games such as Hearthstone and MtG: Arena. Despite that, CD Projekt Red has been diligent in updating for its loyal fanbase throughout the years. It’s hard to believe that the game has been running for seven years.

Project Gwentfinity

CD Projekt Red assured that support for Gwent will continue for many years. However, the developer will be switching to a more community-focused approach. Many members of its development team will move on to to other projects. Gwent will retain a small development to keep the game running and provide smaller updates. They will be able to do this with an initiative called Project Gwentfinity.

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Gwentfinity will introduce a seasonal progression system that focuses more on creative deckbuilding. The community will also be the main balance points, voting for changes before each patch. Because there is a potential for the game to break, they will be placing restrictions to prevent manipulation of the community system.

This new announcement comes five years after the game entered open beta. There have been other Gwent-related projects separate from the game which saw their success. It includes Gwent: Rogue Mage, a single-player adventure, and Thronebreaker, released as an RPG in 2018.

Continued Support Throughout 2023

Gwentfinity will likely begin in 2024, as the developers already have plans in place for this year. As part of the game’s final developer-focused updates, there will be three expansions. The release dates will be April, July, and September 2023. eSports support will also continue through two tournaments throughout the year. As for the balance changes, they will happen monthly and continue to stay on track even after the shift in development.

The goal is to make a good enough balance promoting longevity in the game. That means being able to reward players for unusual strategies and making multiple archetypes viable at any given point. It’s a sad day for Gwent fans and long-time supporters. However, it isn’t the end, and the community focus may bring new life into the game, as seen with many other franchises.

Moving on to Other Projects

CD Projekt Red is having a busy year. One of their latest announcements is the next-generation update for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Many of those who got their hands on the update for testing were impressed by the changes. There will also be a bevy of other features that weren’t available before.

A team will be focused on developing a new Witcher series of games, bringing the story back to Geralt. There are rumors that even the writer of the Witcher books has direct involvment. We’ll see how this progresses over the coming year.

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