Halo 3 is apparently getting new armor sets as a part of Season 8 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The sci-fi anthology title aims to collect older games in the series, but with more modern graphics.

  • The Master Chief Collection was added in November 2020. The anthology has been deemed complete after Halo 4 was added to the Master Chief Collection on PC. It includes all series titles before Halo 5: Guardians.
  • The developer of Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries, has revealed that a range of new cosmetics will be coming to Halo 3 in the 8th season of the anthology. The 8th season, “MYTHIC”, brings together the Halo style together with other different styles and genres.
  • These include a range of armor that have taken inspiration from different mythologies, with some helmets resembling Greek gods and warriors, while others are similar to medieval knights.

This addition will provide a new visual aesthetic for the players, and Halo prides itself on its tactical weapons and armor as much as on its beauty and style. However, the new Mythic Armor has received mixed reactions from fans. While some fans were not too keen on the concept, others have praised and embraced the new armors. A series of tweets can show us what players felt.

Fans React

CircleToonsHD felt that the new armor is “hideous, tacky, laughably ugly” and players have responded saying that it may not be Halo’s style at all, but it does look cool. Others have said that the new design does not belong on Halo at all.

Players who received the new content positively have been excited, some excited as fans of medieval, Nordic, roman gladiator genres, and that they will be able to customize their Spartans on Halo! Others have responded to the negative reception stating that it is baffling how people are mad about the awesome new content and that the toggle button is always there to help you.

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