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Secret endings have long been a feature of the Halo franchise. This is alongside skulls and a preoccupation with the number “7.” Beating each game’s campaign on Legendary level usually unlocks a hidden ending. It either builds on the events of the campaign’s tale or serves as a tease for the next Halo game.

With a co-op campaign, Firefight, and Forge mode already missing from Halo Infinite, it’s reasonable to presume that other classic components, such as a secret Legendary ending, have been removed as well. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

The Legendary ending in Halo Infinite will unlock the same way it is in any previous Halo game. Simply complete the game on the Legendary difficulty. It’s difficult to play on Legendary, especially throughout the game’s several boss encounters.

Campaign Legendary Ending, Spoiler Alert!

Image Courtesy of Generalkidd

The post-credits scene in Halo Infinite shows that Atriox, who we think to be dead before Master Chief’s arrival on Zeta Halo, is still alive. In the next scene, we can see him fiddling with a terminal, which causes lots of new Forerunner things to begin moving around. The Legendary ending is the same, except for the cutscene.

Legendary Ending

  • This time it includes a conversation between two mystery figures, Despondent Pyre, and the Grand Edict. After which, a conversation will be in the background.
  • The dialogue is opaque, with mentions of the Endless (a group to which one of Infinite’s villains, the Harbinger belongs) and of serving an entity known as The Criterion.
  • According to the dialogue, the Endless have been imprisoned. Atriox appears to be liberating them by engaging with the terminal.
  • The conversation comes to a close with the Grand Edict declaring the use of Offensive Bias. Offensive Bias is a Forerunner AI who commanded a Forerunner fleet near the conclusion of the Forerunner-Flood war.
  • It is to combat Mendicant Bias, a Forerunner AI that had defected to the Flood. The Forerunners won thanks to Offensive Bias’ raw computing power. Which allowed the AI to control multiple pieces of technology at once, including an entire Halo ring.

The Endless’ threat, how Atriox intends to use them, and how Offensive Bias will play a role in the series. The Atriox-led Endless, similar to the Flood, appears to be the next major antagonistic force in the Halo series, based on the grim, foreboding nature of the ending.

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