Halo: Infinite

Microsoft announced the next Halo game – Infinite at E3 this year, alongside a bunch of other first-party and third-party exclusives. However, Microsoft didn’t reveal much about the Halo: Infinite’s story or gameplay.

Halo: Infinite’s lead writer Jeff Easterling recently threw some light on the story aspect of Halo: Infinite and said, “It is Halo 6.”

He specifically asked fans to consider Infinite as Halo 6. “Don’t think of it as a weird prequel kind of thing. It’s the next story. It’s the next chapter in what is going on”, he said during a Mixer broadcast.

Studio head Chris lee confirmed the same and mentioned Halo: Infinite will explore new and unexpected directions.

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  1. Well if you want people to think of it as Halo 6 then CALL IT HALO 6! wtf is the matter with them? Well whatever, I completely skipped Halo 5 cause of no jetpacks, so if “Halo 6” doesnt have jetpacks, then no thanks, I’ll wait for “Halo Digestion” aka “Halo 7” and if no jetpack in Halo 7, I’ll skip that one too. Halo Reach jetpack, not that gimped Halo 4 jetpack.

  2. This is like the third article I’ve seen on this this news is nothing new I don’t know why they had to make another article just because another 343 employee confirm that it’s the next Halo in the series most Halo fans in most of the Gaming Community should have already known that this was Halo 6 because it was confirmed like two and a half months ago from other employees that this was the next chapter in the series.


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