Halo Infinite Pro-Player Suspended For Using “Geofiltering”

Many people believe that PC gamers have easier access to cheats and mods, giving them an unfair advantage. Some gamers believe that turning off crossplay will solve the problem. Fixing the cheating problem in Halo Infinite will take time and effort.


  • Esports have the potential to provide players with a wide range of benefits. From allowing people who are very talented at a game to pursue it as a career.
  • To legitimize gaming as a pastime by validating eSports through the Olympic Virtual Series, the Olympic Virtual Series has helped to legitimize gaming a pastime.
  • eSports has become a pillar of gaming, with plenty of fans to keep the industry going. With expanding prize pools and millions of dollars, eSports has become a pillar of gaming.

Cheating does occur in eSports, as it does in any sport, and it can damage entire tournaments, careers, and even the reputations of games. To help prevent cheating, studios and developers have implemented new procedures.

Image Courtesy of Esports Talk

Royal2, a Sentinels player

  • After being caught cheating in a recent qualifier for the Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021, Royal2, a Sentinels player, was suspended from any Halo competition. Royal2 is guilty of geofiltering.
  • This allows a player to block off servers that cause them to have a high ping. This may cause opponents to have a high ping as well. The Halo pro-player is now banned from any competition until January 28, and the Sentinels’ whole team has been penalized.
  • If the Sentinels want to compete in the Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021, they will have to field a completely different team. Halo players, take cheating very seriously. With the recent introduction of Halo Infinite, pro players are speaking out against it as they continue to witness it in the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer.

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