Halo: Infinite fans have been given new exciting content by developer 343 Industries, which revealed a new campaign overview trailer. The trailer showcases the new graphics and gameplay action.

When the first campaign gameplay was first revealed earlier this year, fans were disappointed to see the game featuring outdated graphics. This resulted in the delay of the title’s release by a year’s time. However, it allowed 343 Industries to improve visuals in the game.

The new updates are apparent in the trailer. Fans observed better acceptance in technical reviews of the multiplayer on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and also on PC. The campaign overview trailer also showcases the awakening of Master Chief. He sets off to explore Cortana’s return and betrayal, which took place in Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo: Infinite

  • The trailer showed in-engine visuals of combat over different areas of Zeta Halo where Master Chief makes use of the new grappling hook and vehicles spawning.
  • A new anti-cheat system is also in place, with similar systems gaining popularity with other developers and studios. This will enable the protection of players against hackers and cheaters.

Certain aspects of the game have yet not satisfied fans. The Forge mode is going to be absent from the new title, but 343 Industries has promised to bring the feature back to Halo: Infinite in the second and third multiplayer seasons.

The new radar system of Halo: Infinite was heavily criticized when it was initially revealed and was transformed into a system similar to that in previous installations, but it has still not been accepted by fans. With just a month to the release, the new trailer has caused significant enthusiasm, but we will have to wait to see the community’s reaction to the game when it releases.

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