We’re pretty sure that most of the legally-aged readers here have drunk alcohol or liquor. Well, celebrities and idols, of course, have tried and maybe got themselves drunk as well. But certainly, we didn’t see it coming that the South Korean actress Han So Hee would share this “drunk experience” on her Instagram. Han So Hee got viral over this Instagram post, did she get really drunk? Let’s find out what really happened though.

Han So Hee’s Instagram post

On the afternoon of January 24th, an Instagram post by the South Korean actress notified her fans. Before the most-awaited “drunken So Hee” post, she shared photos of her and her 동생 (dongsaeng = younger sibling) wearing the same pajamas, eating, sleeping, and playing games for two days.

  • The first photo shows a close-up photo of ramen, and then a couple more food and gaming photos. It’s a nice sight to see celebrities like So Hee enjoying their free time.

  • Although, the next set of photos that Han So Hee posted on her Instagram caught the fans’ and non-fans’ attention. Starting with her caption “그리고 다시는 술을 먹지 않겠습니다,” which translates to “And I will never drink again”.
  • Now let’s look into the photos. The first photo may have you laughing as you see an “alleged” Han So Hee with Jenga blocks trailed on her body while lying on the floor. She’s even holding her sunglasses with her right hand, all the while she’s probably drunk and sleeping already.
Han So Hee Instagram, drunk
Image Courtesy of @xeesoxee via Instagram
  • If you thought you’ve (seen and) laughed enough, the clip offers more. You may be uncertain if this is the famous actress, but do flip your phones and see for yourself that it’s actually her. A wild Han So Hee lying freely (probably asleep) on the ground with her sunglasses on… at nighttime.
Han So Hee post, video clip
Screengrab Photo Courtesy of @xeesoxee via Instagram
  • A friend headed towards the presumably drunk So Hee and laid a jacket over her. At this point, we just can’t help but laugh.

Netizens’ reactions

It garnered quite a lot of reactions from her friends and the netizens — mostly laughter and shock. Well, anyone could be imagined drunk, but the acclaimed actress actually took it to the next level — posting it on social media.

  • Honestly, we hope we’d only see nice things under her post and we’re getting it. It’s nice to see that netizens saw this post as positively, earning comments on how relatable Han So Hee is.
  • A friend of hers comments “Is the person lying down you, unnie (older sister)…????So Hee did confirm that she’s the one in the photos as she replied, “Unfortunately, it is…
  • Koreaboo translated a few of the netizens’ comments under her Instagram post.
Han So Hee Instagram Post, comments
Image Courtesy of @xeesoxee via Instagram
    • Unnie, there must be a reason why you’re like this…”
    • “A drunk Han So Hee, now this is rare.”
    • “Humans keep making the same mistakes.”
    • “Huh?”

What’s next for Han So Hee?

The acclaimed actress rose to popularity after the phenomenal portrayal of Da-Kyung in the drama The World of The Married. She became an art university student in Nevertheless, with actor Song Kang and ventured into action in Netflix’s My Name.

  • So Hee, along with Park Hyung-Sik, starred in a best friend-to-lovers trope web drama entitled Soundtrack #1.

  • This year, Han So Hee comes back with another drama this time around a thriller series. She’s joined by Park Seo-Joon as the lead in the upcoming Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature.

She did get drunk, that’s for sure, and just like we say when we get drunk “I will never drink again”, and then drinks again. Have you ever got drunk and posted your own photos on your Instagram just like Han So Hee did? Oh, what a funny and relatable thing she did, we love her!

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SOURCE: Han So Hee’s Instagram
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