Han So Hee stars in Korean Queer Movie 'Heavy Snow' - Where to Watch

Han So Hee, the Korean actress known for her exceptional acting skills, is set to showcase another side of herself in her upcoming Girls Love (GL) movie, “Heavy Snow.” Over the years, she played diverse roles in popular K-dramas like “Nevertheless,” and “My Name”. The sneak peek of the movie garnered attention for its queer storyline, and fans await Han So Hee’s performance. Now, where can you watch Han So Hee’s ‘Heavy Snow’?

Yoon Soo Ik (or Suik Yun) directed the upcoming Korean queer movie. Snippets regarding the filming of this movie circulated last year which had fans anticipating its release. So Hee’s co-star, Han Hae In should complete the leading role for this upcoming Korean queer movie.

A Glimpse into ‘Heavy Snow’

In 2019, Han So Hee posted photos from the possible filming of Heavy Snow, which sparked curiosity among her fans. However, it was only in December of 2022 that the first look dropped, giving viewers a glimpse of Han So Hee’s character.

Although not much has been revealed about the plot, snippets of the movie have given fans a glimpse into the unconventional storyline. The first look features Han So Hee’s character in a bar where a man approaches her, and she refuses his advances. A woman then approaches her, and they have a conversation that suggests a conflict between them.

  • The snippets and trailers that have been released so far indicate that it is a departure from Han So Hee’s usual filmography. A screenshot from the movie shows the two actresses holding hands and lying close to each other in the snow. These teasers generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among fans who are eager to see the full movie.
Han So Hee Heavy Snow, han sohee queer movie
Image Courtesy of Jeonju International Film Festival via Koreaboo
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Where to Watch Han So Hee’s queer movie?

The movie sets to premiere at the 24th Jeonju International Film Festival under ‘Korea Competition.’ The film festival runs from April 27, 2023, up to May 6, 2023. The annual festival is known for introducing independent and experimental films and focuses on the alternative course of contemporary film art.

  • However, the specific date for the theater or online streaming release of ‘Heavy Snow’ has yet to be announced. As of now, it can only be watched during its premiere in Jeonju IFF.

  • But hopefully, after its premiere, we can hear more about its worldwide release. Pretty sure international fans have been hoping to watch So Hee’s acting with this one. The movie runs for 77 minutes, which should be around an hour and 17 minutes.
  • On the festival website, ‘Heavy Snow’ is described as a story of the blossoming friendship and love between two girls. The announcement has generated excitement among fans who have been eagerly waiting for the movie’s release.

Han So Hee’s movies and her versatility

Han So Hee has always been bold in her choices and unafraid to showcase her unconventional sides of herself. Her willingness to take on projects that explore topics like gender and sexuality challenges the conservative views prevalent in Korean society. As an actress, Han So Hee’s performances always stand out, and her upcoming GL movie is sure to be no exception.

  • The fans of the 28-year-old actress also await her new Netflix K-drama. She joins veteran actor Park Seo Joon in the upcoming Gyeongseong Creature. The star-studded casting makes it more exciting to watch!
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  • So Hee already displayed her versatility in taking on different roles with each new project. She cemented her acting with her portrayal of Yeo Da Kyung in ‘The World Of The Married’. She then became Yu Na Bi in the mature romance story ‘Nevertheless’ with actor Song Kang.
  • Han So Hee received her lead role, Yoon Ji Woo in an action K-drama under Netflix entitled ‘My Name’. Afterward, she portrayed Lee Eun Su with actor Park Hyung Sik with the wholesome friends-to-lovers trope in ‘Soundtrack #1’.

Now, we’re about to see a new side from Han So Hee once the ‘Heavy Snow’ movie drops. Also, we hope we can gain more information about the film as the premiere gets near. 

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