Harry & Meghan: Top 5 most shocking revelations

Netflix has dropped a new “Harry and Meghan” trailer for the second half of the six-part documentary series. And it looks like they have been saving the best (and the most controversial) for the last. 

Take a look at the new trailer as we go ahead to discuss the top five most shocking revelations from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The couple goes into detail on how they managed to depart from the royal family and their titles. 

Harry fears the worst

The documentary’s trailer was a subject of major controversy in Britain as people were not pleased about the royal family’s private lives being revealed

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Image courtesy of Netflix
  • The trailer begins with a shocker of a line from Prince Harry himself, “I wonder what would have happened to us, had we not got out when we did.”
  • Harry also hints at the “institutional gaslighting” going on at Buckingham Palace. This is indicative of his mother Princess Diana’s death in a car crash in 1997, who “could not get out in time”. 

Harry and Meghan vs the media

Meghan Markle talks about how the couple “were not just being thrown to the wolves, but they were being fed to the wolves”, referring to the UK media.

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  • We see snapshots and glimpses of the UK media and their scathing attack on Prince Harry and Meghan when they announced their royal departure.
  • In the documentary, Harry claims that the Palace and the media have an unspoken contract and that they have been “actively recruiting to disseminate disinformation.”

Harry vs William

Harry goes on to say that “they were happy to lie to protect his brother (William).” It is unsure if Harry meant it was the Palace or the British media who was lying. 

Prince Harry, Prince William
Image courtesy of Town and Country Mag
  • Prince William is third in line and Prince Harry is fifth in line for the British throne. The documentary will be a test for their personal relationship’s survival.
  • In 2002, Prince Harry was caught underage drinking at a pub and smoking cannabis. William was also at the pub with his brother while he was drinking heavily, but unlike Harry, William’s name was spared by the British tabloids.

Meghan’s security fears

Our security was being pulled, everyone knew where we were”, says Meghan as they go on to talk about leaving the United Kingdom once and for all to start a new life in the United States.

  • In the first three episodes of the documentary, Prince Harry claims to see “a bit of his mother Diana in Meghan Markle.” He compares a lot of positive qualities that both Diana and Meghan share. 
Image courtesy of Town and Country Mag
  • This was also why he was scared when the media harassed Meghan and intruded into their personal lives.
  • Harry and Meghan are staunch enemies of Britain’s tabloid culture. They have taken legal action against British news media outlets for violating their privacy.

Harry & Meghan’s new life

We see front-camera footage of Harry aboard a plane and smiling as he claims to be on “a freedom flight”. Harry goes on to claim that he “always knew that this fight was worth fighting for.”

  • Home video footage from Harry and Meghan’s new life in the U.S. shows their perspective of why they needed to let go of the royal family.
  • We see sweet footage of their daughter Lilibet, who turned one in June, taking her first steps in their garden.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal roles two years ago. Shortly after, the couple signed a deal with Netflix for a documentary series on their lives. 

The docu-series starts with a disclaimer that “members of the royal family declined to comment on the content within this series.” Netflix releases three new episodes on December 15. Are you looking forward to it?

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