Has The New Overwatch Hero Been Revealed By Mistake?

Who can Sigma be?

Despite having been out for more than three years, Overwatch is still a title played by a large number of players. A factor that certifies the great quality of Blizzard’s work. Given the success of the title, it is not surprising then that the famous software house continues to support it, with always new insights and updates.

However, it is not news from Blizzard that has risen to the headlines in the last few hours but rather an indiscretion. An image published on Twitter has in fact apparently confirmed the existence of a new hero arriving on Overwatch and has above all potentially revealed the identity.

As can be seen in the post above the Mexican team of the title has published a short screen of Overwatch, containing a mysterious character inside. At the top of the ranking on the right stands a certain Sigma, with a related icon. So who is the expected thirty-first hero of the title?

Asked about the issue, the Mexican team soon broke away from the questions, stating that they had not even noticed the fact and above all having downloaded the image in question directly from the official Spanish Overwatch channels. It would, therefore, seem that Sigma was not the victim of a leak but instead it was Blizzard who directly revealed the hero’s existence and his features.

What do you think of this news, do you think Sigma is really the expected new Overwatch hero?


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