Haste Broken Worlds by Landfall Studio: What We Know So Far

Landfall Studio, known for games like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Stick Fight: The Game, is working on a new title called Haste Broken Worlds. In this article, we’ll go through what we know about the game so far and how to join beta testing. Enjoy!

Haste Broken Worlds – What We Know So Far

While waiting for two major updates to their game TABS, Landfall Studio has been working on a new game called Haze Broken Worlds. This game has already been posted on social media sites such as TikTok and Twitter.

It all began with Wilhelm Nylund, the Game Designer, and CEO, who purposefully shared the game last September and has been working on it constantly since then.

The video he posted went viral, motivating the studio to continue developing the game, and fans can now sign up for beta testing.

Haste Broken Worlds is a Racing Game

So, while Landfall Studio was working on other games, they were trying to figure out what this running game would be, and they decided on Haze as a racing game. The game would begin with a group of participants, with the fastest advancing to the next round.


Because of various “Secrets” for the game, the developers have been unable to reveal some clips in recent months. The team has been working on a number of various characters that you can play as, but the developers aren’t ready to share too much information just yet. Our guess:

  • Anime – Playable Characters
    • We might be able to see Anime characters as playable but that may only be wishful thinking. Obviously, the game’s test character runs similarly to the Naruto characters in the anime series. Others, like Son Goku, could be included as well.

      Screengrab Courtesy of Landfall via YouTube
    • Fortnite has collaborated with nearly every well-known title. So it’s not impossible to believe that this running game would do pretty much the same or so we wish.


We spotted certain features of Haze Broken Worlds that intrigued us while watching all the clips on Twitter, and here’s what we’ve discovered so far:

    Screengrab Courtesy of Landfall via YouTube
    • Players will be able to use their stamina to increase their character’s speed. We found that the stamina bar is regenerated based on how and where you land your character. Perfect landings get more stamina than good landings, and so on.
    Screengrab Courtesy of Landfall via YouTube
    • A good or perfect landing will replenish your stamina bar. The player can use Nitro or some type of speed boost to increase their character’s speed when running in exchange for stamina.
  • GLIDE:
    Screengrab Courtesy of Landfall via YouTube
    • Players can glide using their stamina pool. Gliding, unlike the nitro skill, slowly depletes your stamina.
    • To make this racing game more interesting, they may incorporate anime characters or any other characters with special abilities. This implies that each character will have a special talent/ability that they can use to get an edge over their opponents.


The developers are now working on other levels of the game to make it even more engaging. This would indicate that the following rounds will be progressively difficult. In the video below, we can see different weathers and geographies. We’ve got a forest, desert, and a winter-themed map.


You can now register and sign up HERE and be one of the first to play the Multiplayer Alpha.

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If you have any questions about Landfall Studio’s Haze Broken Worlds, feel free to share them in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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