Most Hated Heroes of Dota 2

“I love Techies!” said no one ever.

There are always certain heroes that we hate. Globally, which are the most hated ones? Surely it’d be interesting to know. That’s what I thought when I was suggested this topic. So let’s dish out some hatred towards a few heroes a lot of players seemingly hate inside the Dota 2 world.

Disclaimer: These facts are not official Valve statements, and you’d be a fool, obviously, if you ever thought Valve would release something like that. Anyway, don’t chop up hate on me. This list has been made after proper research, and is probably more accurate to reality than you’ll ever get individually.

Disclaimer 2: The “most hated” tag is quite vague. Is it about irritating heroes? Like how we hate haxing in Pokémon? Or is it about OP abilities certain heroes have? I’ll try my hardest to say in what context is a certain hero hated, but things can be missed. We’re all humans.

Disclaimer 3: This is just “hate.” So if a hero is actually loved for some reason, that won’t cut points from his hate section. So yeah, Slark is hated, but he’s loved as well, right? I mean heck he’s one of the finest carries I’ve ever played. But that doesn’t mean the hate is decreased. The hate remains. And this article just assesses those hate parts ignoring all love parts. You get it? (78/10 people already abandoned the article. Damn.)

Now when all that’s out of the way, let’s start with the 14-heroes list!

The 14 most hated heroes in Dota 2.
The 14 most hated heroes in Dota 2.
  • Slark: Hated as his Dark Pact purges multiple times.
  • Necrophos: Literally hated for the plague he brings to lane fights.
  • Techies: Hated because he can be irritating. He can kill you without having to face you AND without being at the place AND without being alive himself AND without actually doing anything brave the whole fucking game. Techies can be sick fun if you’re playing him. Otherwise he’s a “meme hero” who deserves to be hated once you die for the millionth time by some fucking invisible balls on the ground. He ruins the early game, especially as you can’t have a gem early on.
  • Earth Spirit, Huskar, and Doom: These are very hard to play against but mostly surface on the pro levels.
  • Silencer: Hated if you’re laning against him.
  • Skywrath Mage: Cuz fuck his voice that’s why.
  • Sniper: Play 2k MMR SEA pub with noob Sniper mid on your team and you will know hate at its purest.
  • Pudge: When your team picks Pudge against people who know how to not get hooked noobishly – you know you wasted one team slot on a self-absorbed, only-I-matter carry who’s not going to get more than 10 kills whole game.
  • Broodmother and Meepo: They are hated if they’re not directly fighting you but being irritating for your whole team thanks to their summons.
  • Riki and Viper: These are just so much hate-able. Both of them actually have cool utility in the game, especially Riki – who’s a very efficient solo-killer. But let’s face it, half the players who pick Riki don’t really know how to play him. As for Viper, his harassing can easily get on players’ nerves.

So that was it. Without you even completing the list, I knew there’d be heroes you want up there in the list, or someone you want removed, or someone placed on top rather than whatever number I made them sit upon.

Well, comments are always welcome, and there’s a comment section on this website for exactly that purpose. Share your wisdom so that this article becomes a better, more Satanic place that has the best of hatred showcased.