Hawaiian Airlines Turbulence cause + Injury Report

Hawaiian Airlines Turbulence cause + Injury Report

“Terrifying” — this would probably be the word to sum up what happened during a flight on Hawaiian Airlines. Severe turbulence shocked the flight from Phoenix to Honolulu on Sunday, December 18th. The airlines mentioned that this is an isolated and unusual event, according to a report from NPR news. Let’s take a look into the turbulence cause that the passengers and crew of Hawaiian Airlines faced, and the injury report as well.

Hawaiian Airlines, severe turbulence incident
Image Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

What happened in the Hawaiian Airlines turbulence incident

The cause of the turbulence is yet to be confirmed. However, reports said that thunderstorms were present in the area. The National Weather Service stated that the severe turbulence happened at about 36,000 feet.

  • We believe the flight may have gone through a thunderstorm, which may have caused the severe turbulence,” NWS meteorologist Genki Kino said in a Hawaii News Now interview. According to CBS News, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking into this unfortunate and terrifying incident.


  • Moreover, a passenger from the recent Hawaiian Airlines turbulence incident, Kaylee Reyes shares with Hawaii News Now her mother’s experience.
    • Reyes shared that the turbulence hit without any warning, this happened when her mother came from the bathroom. She just sat down and unfortunately hadn’t gotten the chance to secure her seatbelt.
    • She flew up and hit the ceiling,” Reyes said. Tiffany Reyes, her mother, hit the ceiling and slammed into the ground. She went through an X-ray and a series of tests after landing. The side of her body aches as she shared on Monday that she sleeps on her back.

Injury report

The plane carried 278 passengers, and 10 crew members — two pilots and eight flight attendants. Hawaiian Airlines tweeted that the HA35 from Phoenix to Honolulu “landed safely” at 10:50 a.m. Medical care was given to guests and crew members immediately.

  • Jim Ireland, director of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services said that 20 people were brought to hospitals, with 11 people suffering from a serious condition.
  • He adds that there were people who suffered from cuts and bruises, which total of 36 patients who received treatment. Fortunately, there were no deaths or critical injuries happened. We hope the patients may fully recover from what happened.

The airline updated in a Tweet again as they continue supporting the guests and employees who were injured in the incident. They apologized to the guests and thanked the immediate response of the airport teams and every crew onboard for the coordinated response.

Turbulence incidents this 2022

On the other hand, the Hawaiian Airlines turbulence incident is not the first incident this year. Two reports of the same cause happened around the second half of the year as well. You can read a few about it below.

  • American Airlines encountered an instance of turbulence way back in July. The “severe turbulence” incident faced a flight from Florida to Tennessee. The flight was forced to stop in Alabama and eight people were brought to hospitals.
  • Another turbulence report weeks before the July incident includes Southwest Airlines. Three flight attendants and a passenger encountered minor injuries after a “minor turbulence” experience. The flight flew from Chicago to Salt Lake City in June 2022.

We hope for the full recovery of the passengers and crew members of Hawaiian Airlines.

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