Every Blizzcon, we’re generally treated to the last expansion of Hearthstone for the year. This time, it seems that Blizzard might be having some more in-store instead of the standard expansion reveal. Digital game analyst Daniel Ahmad is of the opinion that Hearthstone might be getting more than just an expansion as an announcement this Blizzcon.

The picture of chess suggests that Hearthstone Auto Chess might be getting revealed this Blizzcon. With competition already heating up in the auto-battler genre – Tencent, Riot, Valve and Drodo Studio all having their own version of the game – Blizzard also wants a piece of the cake. The primary target seems to be Riot since Teamfight Tactics is currently the most dominant in this genre, and Riot is using League of Legends to take the competition to Blizzard on totally different ground.

Hearthstone players can also be assured that they will get their ‘dragons’ for the last expansion of the Year of the Dragon all right. Galakrond seems to be the legendary hero card this expansion, and he is one of the evil guys. There are quite a few dragon cards up for reveal during the official announcement.