Hegis Grasp : The Classic Story Based Horror Survival

Hegis Grasp

The Game Has So Much To Offer with its Atmospheric Horror Gameplay and Linked Storyline

If you are a survival horror fan, Hegis Grasp is one of the top upcoming games you should look out for and it surely falls in the category of top survival games of 2017. We have recently seen some single player and multiplayer survival titles in 2017 already which are either released or soon to hit the market within 2017 like PlayerUnknown Battelgrounds and Remothered. However, there are some things which make Hegis’ Grasp a different sort of horror survival saga than the others.

“We really focussed on the story, we tried to avoid many clichés and so achieved a really unique and deep storyline along with an atmospheric setting and feeling inside the game by including story-telling sequences (aka cut-scenes). Another unique feature I’m proud of is that the game plays in the third-person perspective…as well as in the first-person perspective, that’s right you can dynamically change the perspective. This is something that I just finished implementing shortly before the steam release.” Stated by an official in an interview.

According to another statement, the game has been under development since the beginning of 2016. The officials at Salty Goal Productions mentioned that the game was firstly a one-man-project by Sepehr Mani but upon the joining of Dean Clark, the writer of the game, now it has converted to a team. However, the team of workers on the game is still pretty small. The game is based on the novel which was written by Dean Clark and was being published by Celenic Earth Publications on multiple digital platforms.

The story and gameplay of Hegis Grasp revolves around a mystic cursed village back in 1896 as a journalist gets curious to find out more about the rumors he have heard about the haunted village in Great Brittan. But as the gameplay and story advances, the journalist, Henry Woods realizes that he had made a mistake to come to this place. The game offers unique characters with full glossary and detailed story about their past. Also the game features breathtaking graphics and thrilling sound effects, making it even more challenging and dreadful horror survival.


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