Upcoming Fighter Pack 2 DLC for Injustice 2 Brings 3 new fighters including Hellboy to the Game.

Developers NetherRealm Studios confirmed that 3 more fighters are on their way to Injustice 2. The upcoming Fighter pack 2 DLC brings Black Manta, Raiden and Hellboy to the game and will be available to download in the upcoming months.

Black Manta and Raiden were expected as they were teased back in may with the release of first Fighter pack. The inclusion of Hellboy however took everyone as a surprise. Hellboy is a character published by Dark Horse Comics and only crossed over to DC in a mini-series from 90s.

We still  do not known the release date, so we don’t know when the characters will be available. We do know that all of these three fighters and the fighters from the first pack(Red Hood, Starfire and Sub-Zero) will be a part of the Injustice 2‘s ‘Ultimate Edition‘.