Sam Barlow
Project Unknown by Sam Barlow

Creator of Her Story, an impactful interactive film video game, Sam Barlow has teased his next project. The way he’s teasing the game is in an odd fashion. We don’t know the game of the game, but there’s already a Steam page.

Currently, the game’s name is Project A███████. With a lot of such black boxes. The release date is blacked, the summary is hidden, with just a few words and hints.

As of now, we know that the game is a simulation, investigative visual novel. Here are the words currently visible on Steam’s description

  • 1968 – Gothic
  • 1971 – NYC
  • 1999 – pop star
  • 2022 – Barlow, custodian, concordance

We don’t know the system requirements as well. So, the game is a lot mysterious than one could imagine. It’s like a puzzle but in real life.

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