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Here Are The First Details On How Pokémon Masters’ Microtransactions Work

Pokémon Masters is the new smartphone game based on the pocket creatures created by Game Freak. It is free to play and, proposes a series of items that can be purchased with the infamous microtransactions. How exactly do they work? Based on what emerged from the first tests carried out, it is possible to start to get an idea. We stress, however, that all the details are not yet clear, so, for now, we do not have all the answers.

First of all, we need to know that Pokémon Masters provides us with the so-called “Sync Pair”, or pairs made up of a trainer and a Pokémon. Even the “human part” of the duo has a role, as it has a supportive move for its creature. In total there are 65 pairs, at least at the moment, and to get them all you have to go through a loot box system called “Sync Pair Scouting”.

In order to open a loot box (or “scout”, using the terms of the game) it is necessary to spend some gems. The latter can be obtained by playing but also by spending real money. According to reports, with $20 you buy enough gems to open 10 loot boxes. If you get back a “Sync Pair” that you already own, the latter is upgraded. Considering that, for now, there are 65 pairs, it is likely that many attempts will be needed before finding and upgrading them all.

It is not clear for now how many gems are obtained by playing, so it is not possible to evaluate the impact of microtransactions on the game. Moreover, all the other game elements are free from microtransactions. Disposable items are purchased with a different currency obtainable only in-game.

The game will be available during the summer (on a date yet to be defined) on iOS and Android. You can already pre-register on both Google Play and the App Store. Tell us, what do you think?


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