Here Are The Heroes Of Video Games Aged By The FaceApp Mobile Application

One of the fads of the moment is FaceApp, an application that can age, change gender and act in various other ways on your face. Many are having fun trying the application with their own photographs (or even those of others, sometimes). Pushsquare, however, went further and decided to take advantage of FaceApp to try to age various faces of the videogame world.

The site has submitted to the treatment of top names such as Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, Victor Sullivan, and Chloe Frazer, all the main faces of Uncharted. As you can see in the gallery below, the results are remarkable, also thanks to the high quality of the original faces and half-length images with a monochromatic background, perfect for the application.

Then it happened to other characters in the PlayStation world, like Kratos: the Spartan warrior does not come out too damaged by this aging since in the last chapter he already has a few years on his shoulders. It was then the turn of Aloy, of Horizon Zero Dawn, who transformed from a young girl to an adventure into a veteran of the battlefield. The same can be said of Deacon St. John who appears to be with his niece rather than his wife. Finally, Peter Parker is the contender who least of all has held the weight of the years: will spider-men also wear false teeth?

Then it came to Connor of Detroit Become Human: the androids should be immune to the passing of the years, but apparently, FaceApp has defeated even the most futuristic technologies. Yakuza’s Ryu manages to be threatening even with some extra gray hair, while Geralt seems to know how to hold his seniority rather well, with his mutant genes. The circle is closed by Alexios and Kassandra of Assassin’s Creed, Arthur of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cloud, probably the character on which FaceApp has worked worse, probably due to the strange pose and the staggered coloring.


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