Here’s What Happened In Fortnite’s Final Showdown Event

Giant Robot vs Polar Peak Monster!

After a long preparation, which lasted several weeks, finally, the long-awaited clash between the bizarre Giant Robot from Pressure Plant and the mysterious Polar Peak Monster took place. A special event that has attracted thousands and thousands of players to Fortnite .

The story behind this story is very simple. A few weeks ago a dark monster freed itself from the depths under Polar Peak. Beginning to destroy various buildings around the Fortnite game map. To put a stop to the raids of the creature an enormous android was built in the middle of the volcano north of the map. After days and days of preparation, the moment has finally come. But how will the long-awaited epic battle have gone at the end?

As you can also see in the video above, to emerge victorious from the battle was at the end the colorful robot but not without some difficulty. The imposing monster during the skirmish has in fact been several times close to victory and only the huge sword hidden under the statue of Neo Pinnacles managed to stop its war ambitions.

The Fortnite game map has also undergone several changes following this epic battle. A little further north of the map is the skull of the monster pierced by the great sword. Furthermore, there is now also a strange energy sphere circling. What are clues to the events of the much anticipated Season 10?

What do you think of this news, did you like the event wisely orchestrated by Epic Games? Did you expect something different or did what happened to satisfy your expectations? Let us know your personal forecasts directly in the comments!


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