Hideaki Itsuno Was Ready To Leave Capcom After DmC: Devil May Cry

On 14th March, YouTube channel Toy Bounty Hunters uploaded a two-hour long interview session with well-reputed actor Reuben Langdon who has been the voice of Dante since Devil May Cry 3. In the interview, the actor revealed how Series Director Hideaki Itsuno almost resigned from Capcom following the release of DmC: Devil May Cry.

“He was ready to leave Capcom”, Reuben said. “He was not happy. And I think he put in his resignation and then they said wait-wait, you’re a valuable guy (and) we don’t want you to leave. What can make you stay?”

In the words of Reuben, Itsuno demanded a Devil May Cry game. Itsuno had a wishlist and Devil May Cry was on the top of his wishlist. He said he’ll stay if Capcom let him do a Devil May Cry game the way he wanted to do it. Reuben further commented, “Hats off to him(Itsuno) and hats off to Capcom for going all out and they literally gave him everything he requested and wanted for this game. And it’s paying off.”

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The series’ 2019 iteration, Devil May Cry 5, is doing exceptionally well both in terms of sales and critical acclaim. The game is currently at number one position in the UK and Japan sales charts, with over 75.75% of its retail shipment being sold in Japan alone.

Caleb Wysor, our Editor-in-Chief rated it a 9/10 in his review earlier this week.

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  1. Why? It is the exact same Devil May Cry parody that the series has been since the 3rd game, including the newest one. Every character has a shit eating grin on their face you want to punch, although if they are a new character then its the NEXT game where their personality is instantly changed to shit eating grin status. Like what happened Lady between 3 and 4, Trish between 1 and 4, Nero between 4 and 5 and so on.

    • Why?
      They bastardized a character and turned him into a completely insufferable scumbag.
      Turned Vergil into another with that sniper rifle abortion thing.
      The entire game reeks of Nonj theory’s contempt and hatred for their fanbase and Tommeme antoniades kept insulting the fans.

  2. The devil may cry games don’t take themselves seriously. The fact you getting triggered over the humour shows you got a stick very firmly lodged in your behind that needs removing. Hugs from your mummy or getting a sense of humour will cure this ailment.

  3. This is not entirely true. Itsuna did not want to work on Devil May Cry 5, as he was more focused on other projects at the time. Projects like Dragons Dogma and bayonetta. Ninja theory was given the go ahead and the blessing on the artistice direction as well as character designs by both Capcom and Itsuno because they wanted a game that was as far away from previous DMC games as possible.

    Ninja theory did a great things with the DMC universe. Look no further to an interview Itsuno did with Gameinformer back in August of 2018 for proof.

    “After DMC 4 there was the Ninja Theory game, DmC: Devil May Cry. Did the team behind 5 look at that game for any inspiration?
    We learned so much from Ninja Theory and DmC. That was a collaboration between Capcom and Ninja Theory. I went to Cambridge once every couple of months to work those guys. So we learned a lot of from them, and you want to talk about stylish… Ninja Theory, those guys are style incarnate, man. What they did with DmC, that art style, those animations, that is real style, y’know? So we took a lot of what we learned from that.

    Even stuff like the kill cams, for instance, we took a lot of that, and having learned that, we tried to implement that in this game as well.

    Another thing is, we have a lot of friends who love DmC. For me, DmC is one of my favorite DMC games, if not my favorite. And we wanted to make the game in a way that people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the way it controls just as much as they enjoyed DmC.

    Would Capcom ever consider ever working on a sequel to DmC with Ninja Theory, or some other project?
    We love those guys. We’d love to be able to work with them again someday. But they’re under the Microsoft umbrella now, right? [laughs] So we’d have to clear that up with them first.

    One of the things that’s stood out to me about DMC 5 is Nico. Can you talk about creating her, and what you see as her role within DMC 5?
    There’s a lot going on with Nico. We created her as Nero’s partner, and the idea is that she’s a gunsmith, just like her grandmother Nell Goldstein who created Ebony and Ivory. So there’s a lot going on with her in the lore of DMC. But she’s inherited that knack of creating weapons and engineering. She considers herself a weapons artist. She can take these materials she’s got and create true visions of beauty, to create havoc.”

    If anything Itsuno and his team learned a great deal from Ninja Theory. DMC was a natural evolution of the series. DMC 5 took what worked from DMC reboot and incorporated much of it into their game. The Devil is in the Details.

    Hideaki Itsuno has no ill will towards Ninja Theory or the direction they took the DMC series at the request of both Capcom and Hideaki Itsuno!

    • Thanks for being smart and referencing an interview with Itsuno himself instead of a voice actor who would only be in the recording booth and no other part of production.


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