Hideo Kojima hints about a new game in a recent interview

In the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima’s name carries a lot of weight.

Even though his company’s recent endeavor Death Stranding received mixed receptions from people all across the world, it didn’t stop them from talking about it.

Talking about his experiences as a game creator in a recent interview, he speaks a little bit about his next project and what we may expect. However, don’t get your hope up.

This interesting bit of information was first noticed by Twitter user GermanStrand who posted the following.

Kojima Productions’ next project is still in the planning stage according to Kojima and that he’s working a lot under the surface.

Kojima also went on to acknowledge the unfavorable sales number for 2019’s Death Stranding, whose PC port is on its way this year. However, he does assure his fans that the company had made enough profit to recover the development cost and is able to work on their next project.

Kojima further went on to talk about the games industry is changing and how AAA games aren’t the future. According to him, episodic or let’s say games as a service model in the future and it’s also an indication that Kojima’s Production’s next game will likely fall under one of these categories as well.

The canceled P.T. game was also planned in a similar vein but unfortunately never saw the day of light, courtesy of Kojima’s relationship with his ex-company Konami.


What kind of games are you expecting from Hideo Kojima and his team next? Will we hear about this new game at Sony’s PlayStation event? Tell us in the comments down below.

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