Hideo Kojima x Abandoned – Is it true?

In 2021, the PlayStation blog announced a game called Abandoned with a short teaser to promote it. Rumor spread that it was a secret project of Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima. Fans still connect him to the game a year later, asking him if he is secretly involved. Now Hideo Kojima has gone public to address the issue.

Hideo Kojima’s Take

Hideo Kojima was a guest at Geoff Keighley’s podcast Brain Structure, in which they discussed the Abandoned rumors. According to Hideo Kojima, he is not connected to the game and was even confused why people sent him pictures. After denying involvement, he also mentioned that he doesn’t play the same hand twice.

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He was referring to when he created Moby Dick studios to put a teaser for the game that would eventually become Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The company advertised itself as a separate entity, only to reveal itself as a ploy by Kojima. He hasn’t met Abandoned’s developers, Blue Box Game Studios, and their head Hasan Kahraman.

Kojima even had some words to say for Hasan during the podcast. He mentioned that while people are turning negative because he isn’t involved in Abandoned, Hasan should use the publicity to push his game. They should focus on development and at least release something to entice fans further. Kojima doesn’t know who started the rumor, but it’s likely because of some hopes and wishes gamers have of P.T. and the Silent Hills project.

The confusion will lessen once Blue Box releases its game, and while fake news is unwanted, the attention can turn positive. Hideo then iterated that Abandoned is not Silent Hill.

Meanwhile, Blue Box has yet to release any more information about abandoned. The latest was a four-second tease with no additional details.

The Abandoned Rumor

Many people began speculating about Kojima’s involvement because of the Abandoned teaser. It seemed like it had aesthetics similar to the P.T. demo. Add to the fact that Kojima has done this type of marketing before, and people began believing he had connections to the project.

Much of it is because people still keep wondering about P.T. and Silent Hill’s potential if it became a Kojima game. The turmoil with his relationship with Konami led to him leaving the company and starting Death Stranding.

Konami recently announced several Silent Hill projects. This includes a remake of the iconic Silent Hill 2, and people’s attention are now going elsewhere. Add to that the denial from Kojima, and we may see the hype finally going down for Abandoned. On one side, the silence can benefit the developers who can focus on making their game. However, Kojima had a point. Blue Box could’ve used the hype to increase the attention to their upcoming release.

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