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With only a few months away before it releases across all major consoles, information about Hogwarts Legacy is slowly but surely being delivered to excited gamers. Potions are a huge thing in the Harry Potter Universe so it would only be natural that there will be potions in the upcoming title from Portkey Games. Take a look at all the confirmed potions and how to brew them once Hogwarts Legacy is released.

What we know so far is that we’re definitely going to take a Potions class once we step foot in Hogwarts. But since the game is set years before Harry Potter and the gang arrives at the castle, the Potions class won’t be helmed by Professor Snape. Here’s what to expect with potions and brewing them on your own in Hogwarts Legacy.

All potions and how to brew them in Hogwarts Legacy

Similar to how other RPG games are modeled, we can craft our own potions that have different effects. Some potions will focus on giving you a boost in combat while some will help you move around stealthily in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy All confirmed potions and how to brew them - Gather
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

When pre-orders started for Hogwarts Legacy, one interesting thing to note here is that one recipe is included as a bonus. The recipe for Felix Felicis is part of the pre-order bonus of Hogwarts Legacy on the PlayStation consoles so what we can assume here is that potions are unlockable by learning their recipes.

Hogwarts Legacy All confirmed potions and how to brew them - Brew 1
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

However, we’re not so sure about the specifics of how many potions you can carry and how you can gather ingredients to brew them. It’s safe to assume that brewing potions in Hogwarts Legacy will include quick-time events since there are risks if a potion is brewed incorrectly.

Hogwarts Legacy All confirmed potions and how to brew them - Brew
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

Here are all the potions you can brew in Hogwarts Legacy based on the information we have so far:

1. Felix Felicis

This is quite a controversial potion given that it is a pre-order bonus exclusively for players on the PlayStation consoles. Based on the Harry Potter books and films, Felix Felicis is liquid luck. Whatever the drinker does while this potion is in effect will make him successful.

The side effects of using this potion excessively are as follows:

  • Recklessness
  • Overconfidence
  • Giddiness
  • Taking the potion in large quantities can be extremely toxic
  • It takes a long time to brew this potion, according to lore. You need to stew the Felix Felicis potion for six months before it is ready
Hogwarts Legacy All confirmed potions and how to brew them - Potions
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

2. Wiggenweld

If Resident Evil has herbs to help restore your health points, Harry Potter games has the Wiggenweld potion. We can see the potion in the gameplay footage featuring someone we assume to be the Potions professor. In the previous Harry Potter games, these are the effects of the Wiggenweld potion:

Hogwarts Legacy All confirmed potions and how to brew them - Wiggenweld
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube
  • A powerful healing potion used to heal injuries
  • It can also replenish the user’s stamina
  • If someone suffers from a Sleeping Draught or other sleeping potions, the Wiggenweld is the antidote you’ll need

3. Invisibility Potion

You may be thinking: what do I need this potion for if I have an invisibility cloak? We hate to be the bearer of bad news but we don’t think Harry’s famous invisibility cloak is making an appearance in the game. Although this potion isn’t mentioned in any of the Harry Potter books or films, it is part of the games, too.

Invisibility Potion
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

It is claimed that brewing the invisibility potion in Hogwarts Legacy will be a bit challenging. In other Harry Potter games, it gives you temporary invisibility so you can sneak around. We also had a chance to see this potion in action when footage of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay was released.

4. Rock/Fortifying Potion

Lastly, one of the potions we get to see in the gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy is this one. When a wizard uses this potion, their entire body turns into rock. Although not much information has been released about this potion, we get to see its effects in the trailer.

Rock Potion
Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

We can assume that what this does is give the user some sort of protection while in battle. After the wizard takes this potion, they continue blasting away enemies with their wand. At the moment, we don’t know what this potion is officially called in Hogwarts Legacy.

There you have it, all the confirmed potions for Hogwarts Legacy so far! It’s a short list for now but we can expect other potions to be announced before the game releases in February 2023. Hopefully, we’ll also get information about how brewing potions work in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Are there other potions you’d like to see in Hogwarts Legacy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! If you have other questions about the upcoming Harry Potter game, we’d also love to hear from you. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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