Hogwarts Legacy comes on February 10, 2023 + Latest leaks and rumors

The new release date for Hogwarts Legacy is February 10th, 2023. It’s the second time the open-world action RPG from the Harry Potter Wizarding World has been delayed, first from 2021 into 2022, then pinned for a holiday 2022 release, and now a delay into the first quarter of 2023. It’s for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with a Switch release on a launch date.

Hogwarts Legacy – 2nd week of February 2023

  • According to a tweet from the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account, they are eager for their fans to play, but the developers need a little more time to provide the finest game experience possible.

    • Chandler Wood, the community manager for Avalanche Software, issued a second statement, which was also shared on Twitter. Wood stated that while they were happy to finally offer us a release date to look forward to, they were sorry that the game had been delayed from its original 2022 release date.
  • As we all know, the development of Hogwarts Legacy from its earliest days started since its announcement in 2019. The official website for Hogwarts Legacy has further information.

Does JK Rowling have anything to do with the delay?

  • The history of Hogwarts Legacy‘s creation has been lengthy and controversial. That became known to the general public in 2018 when leaked footage suggested a video game named Harry Potter Magic Awakened was being created at Avalanche studio.
  • Things actually got out of hand a few years later when JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, publicly expressed her opposition to transgender people in 2020. Apparently, the creators of Hogwarts Legacy pushed to include a trans-inclusive character creator in the role-playing game.
Image Courtesy of Avalanche
  • It is possible that the previous statements of J.K. Rowling caused some stir and hate about the game, but it didn’t specify that its the culprit of the delay.
    • Despite being a part of the overall Harry Potter franchise, the development of Hogwarts Legacy was not assisted by author J.K. Rowling.
    • In September 2020, right after announcing Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. Games cut ties with Rowling after learning of her outspoken and transphobic comments regarding gender identity.

Harry Potter: The Game – Hogwarts Legacy

  • The Harry Potter universe is the setting for the immersive role-playing action game Hogwarts Legacy. The first place we encounter in the Harry Potter books is Hogwarts, a wizarding school.
    • You can explore well-known and unfamiliar areas in Hogwarts Legacy, encounter fantastic beasts, personalize your character, make potions, learn spells, enhance your skills, and become the wizard you’ve always wanted to be.
Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software
    • Your character in this game is a student who has the key to an old mystery that could endanger the wizarding realm. As you form different alliances, combat Dark wizards, and eventually decide the future of the wizarding world, learn what it’s like to live at Hogwarts. How you use it will determine your legacy.
  • Hogwarts Legacy will be made available by Warner Bros. for PCs, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. There is a wishlist for these platforms. As a result, by adding the game to your wishlist, you can track it more closely. Along with consoles and computers, the game will also be accessible on the Nintendo Switch, according to the publishing industry.

What we know so far about Hogwarts Legacy

Since Hogwarts Legacy was first announced in 2020, information has been slow to come by, but this year has seen a significant flood of information on Portkey Games’ Harry Potter role-playing game. We now have enough information, including character customization, companion characters, and a ton of magical warfare, following substantial gameplay reveal in March 2022.

The events of Hogwarts Legacy will be set in the late 19th century, before Harry and the majority of the people in the book were born and will be a trip back in wizarding history. As you travel the world and learn the secrets of ancient magic, the older era should provide enough creative flexibility to let you create a Hogwarts student that is entirely your own.

Character creation

Reddit leaks show how characters can be created in this game. You can see it here.

Image Courtesy of u/cjgriff1476 via Reddit
Image Courtesy of u/cjgriff1476 via Reddit
  • As there is a Hogwarts logo in the top menu tabs on the far right, these screenshots seem to suggest that you select your house when choosing your character.

  • Even though some people don’t care, it’s better to know now than to be disappointed when the game is released and there isn’t a quiz of some sort for you to be in a specific house.


While the Hogwarts Legacy first reveal trailer only provided us a little glimpse of what the large wizarding role-playing game would entail, it unmistakably demonstrated what a beautiful game it would be. Although we now know much more about both, from the first trailer, we only saw a little amount of battle and lore.

  • While the Hogwarts Legacy first reveal trailer above only provided us a little glimpse of what the large wizarding role-playing game would entail, it unmistakably demonstrated what a beautiful game it would be. Although we now know much more about both, from the first trailer, we only saw a little amount of battle and lore.
  • Hogwarts Legacy was referred to as an immersive, open-world action RPG when it was first unveiled by Portkey Games.
    • Additionally, according to the studio, you will develop your character’s capabilities as you learn potent spells, refine your battle techniques, and choose allies to fight beside you against dangerous foes.
    • Fans will also come across tasks and situations that force them to make moral decisions and reveal their values.

Talent point system

  • The talent point system, in which you can allocate points to areas like the Room of Requirement, stealth, and your core talents, has also been briefly covered.
  • The other two categories were nameless, although one of them probably has to do with fighting.


Image Courtesy of PlayStation
  • This would be interesting as you may become a wizard of your choice. To destroy, to protect, or whatever you want. This freedom of choosing specific traits/attributes to enhance makes this game more interesting as we can see players’ creativity.

A possible Karma point system

Since doing specific tasks and decision-making is known to have an influence on your game, it is obvious that there will be some sort of Karma point system in which the storyline will eventually be altered due to this.

Secret rooms, puzzles, and mini-games

  • The Hogwarts castle’s interior will be explored by you as you use your magic to solve riddles and open dungeons and secret areas. On your broom, you’ll be able to fly around as well.
Hogwarts Legacy - Staircase
Image Courtesy of Avalanche
  • You will also be enrolled in subjects like Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions as a student. We can speculate that some classes will include interactive minigames from what we’ve seen so far.

Combat System, Pets, Mounts + Stealth mechanics

If you watched the gameplay trailer, you would notice that there is a lot of combat in this game. We can see some familiar spells that had been cast during those battles and we certainly think that those are just a few of possible hundreds of spells available on launch.

Hogwarts Legacy - Preview
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • It appears that Hogwarts Legacy will feature a lot of combat. Even though you are only a student, you will still have to fight evil adult wizards as well as magical creatures and your fellow students.
  • You’ll be able to use a variety of spells in battle, and the gameplay preview included several of them.
    • Enemies may be stunned, drawn toward you, or thrown into the air by some spells. Fire can be conjured by elemental spells for an area of impact.
    • All of it seems quite action-packed, with spells and effects flying as you engage a number of foes at once, largely armed with your wand.
  • Along with other instruments, you’ll have unique plants and creatures. Screaming Mandrakes and other small plants, which may be deployed offensively to stun opponents and draw their attention while you attack, have been showcased by Portkey.
  • We’ve seen the usage of the stealth feature to approach unwary enemy wizards as well.
  • Did we mention mounts? in one of the leaks shared by Redditor u/BattleDashBR, you can see the included DLC from the Collector’s Edition.

    Image Courtesy of u/BattleDashBR via Reddit
Image Courtesy of u/BattleDashBR via Reddit
    • We can notice on the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition that this will include:
      • The base game
      • A Thestral Mount
      • A Dark Art Cosmetic Pack
      • Dark Arts Battle Arena
      • Garrison Hat (Dark Arts)
      • 72 hours early access to the game
      • A Kelpie Robe
      • Steel case (hard copy)
      • Floating Ancient Magic Wand with Book
    • Deluxe Edition Includes:
      • The base game
      • A Thestral Mount
      • A Dark Art Cosmetic Pack
      • Dark Arts Battle Arena
      • Garrison Hat (Dark Arts)
      • 72 hours early access to the game
      • A Kelpie Robe

Main quests and side missions

  • As a student at Hogwarts in the late 1890s, you’ll take lessons and study magic with other students. You have been accepted late to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you soon learn that you are not like other students there.
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.
    • According to the studio, you have a remarkable capacity for understanding and mastering Ancient Magic.
    • Only you have the power to choose whether you will keep this information private for the benefit of everyone or give in to the allure of more evil magic.
    • In order to discover the reasons behind your unique powers, you’ll encounter the enigmatic Professor Fig.
    • Additionally, there is the issue of a goblin by the name of Ranrok who is leading some sort of mutiny. You’ll also be up against mystical creatures, wicked witches and wizards, and goblins from Ranrok.

Pets & Crafting – The Room of Requirement

A person in dire need only sees the Room of Requirement, a particular room in Hogwarts castle. Evidently, you are eligible even as a transfer student in your fifth year.

  • The Room of Requirement looks to serve as your student’s personal headquarters and center for crafting.
    • There, you can open up stations for making plants and potions or raising animals as companions.
    • From what we’ve seen, it appears that creating potions, plants, and other stations takes time, however, it isn’t yet certain whether this time is spent in the actual world.

Notable Locations

  • Forbidden Forest
    • We can also see a trip into the Forbidden Forest in the reveal trailer, where a pupil is engaged in combat with those unidentified dark wizards.
  • Hogsmeade
    • Hogsmeade, a neighboring settlement, appears to be going to take center stage.
    • There will be scenes from the story as well as places to purchase clothing for your character and ingredients for potions.
  • Hogwarts Castle
    • It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as students, we’ll be spending a lot of time around Hogwarts Castle.
    • The large great hall and the exterior were both clearly shown in the reveal trailer.

Other Leaks and rumors about Hogwarts Legacy

  • Expansion DLC
    • An expansion DLC will surely be available after a certain time after launch.

  • In-game UI and HUD
    • Spell icons on the lower right of the player screen are visible during a battle scene in the gameplay trailer as shown here.
Screengrab Courtesy of AndyReloads via YouTube
  • Regular and Hidden Dungeons to explore
    • There will be enemy camps in this game and dungeons to explore.
    • It is fun to see how players will trek along these areas as we all know that there is a stealth mechanic in the game.
    • Players can sneak past enemies or destroy them with powerful spells.

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