Hogwarts Legacy: DLC Rumors and Speculations – What we know so far

Although the action RPG based on the magical universe of Harry Potter was recently released, players are already eagerly anticipating any rumors about potential Hogwarts Legacy DLC plans. 

While developers have yet to disclose any specific details regarding DLC content, hints, and teasers have stirred up speculation among fans about what exciting new adventures may be in store. Will players encounter new characters or have the opportunity to play Quidditch, for example?

Is Warner Bros. CFO leaking possible Hogwarts Legacy DLC Rumors?

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys Grand Staircase 2
Screen captured of Hogwarts Legacy, here at Spieltimes
  • The CFO of Warner Bros. Discovery, Gunnar Wiedenfels, has hinted at the possibility of a Hogwarts Legacy sequel and potential DLC.
  • He believes that the company is still in the early stages of expanding on the Wizarding World, indicating that there may be more content coming for Hogwarts Legacy.

Although Avalanche Software previously stated in February 2023 that it has no plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC, the game’s remarkable success could lead to a change in that stance at any moment.

When did the developers deny plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLCs though?

Screengrab Courtesy of
Ventus SGN via YouTube

During IGN Fan Fest, Alan Tew, the director of Hogwarts Legacy, stated that the team has been busy with the game’s launch and hasn’t had the chance to plan any expansions yet.

“We’ve been fully focused on making [Hogwarts Legacy] the best it can be, so currently there are no plans for DLC,” explained Tew.

On the possibilities of Hogwarts Legacy DLCs

Fans are thrilled with Hogwarts Legacy as it meets their expectations, despite the lengthy release time.

  1. Some speculate about the possibility of additional content in the form of DLCs, which could enhance the game’s replayability given its single-player nature.
  2. Another possibility is a Multiplayer DLC altogether, which would be remarkable.

DLCs have become ubiquitous in the gaming industry, with both indie and AAA titles utilizing them to expand a game’s content and staying power. While Hogwarts Legacy is already captivating, the inclusion of DLCs may further enhance its appeal by introducing new elements and functionalities.


  1. Another idea for DLC would be to add Quidditch as a playable sport in the game. All the necessary assets for Quidditch are already present in the game, such as brooms, uniforms, and the Quidditch pitch. Only the game code is required to play, which could be added to the game as DLC.
  2. The DLC might also introduce new classes for players to attend, such as Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies. These classes could provide unique challenges and gameplay opportunities, and could also delve deeper into the extensive lore of the Harry Potter universe.

Why Hogwarts Legacy DLC content is a money-making slime for the developers

Hogwarts Legacy Game and Sebastian Choices - Will they affect the ending
Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software

If the developers of this gameplay their cards right, it has the potential to generate an infinite amount of revenue.

  • For example, an immersion DLC that introduces another year at Hogwarts with fresh classes, spells, and Quidditch gameplay, along with additional castle features, would undoubtedly cause most Harry Potter fans to eagerly spend their money.
  • DLCs have become commonplace in the gaming industry, with both indie and AAA titles utilizing them to extend a game’s content and longevity. While Hogwarts Legacy is already captivating, the inclusion of DLCs may further enhance its appeal by introducing new elements and features.
Hogwarts Legacy 2, sequel warner bros
Image Courtesy of Hogwarts Legacy

Warner Bros hinting at possible DLC content and even a sequel?

Warner Bros. has dropped yet another hint that a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy could be in the works. David Haddad, the president of WB Games, recently praised the game’s initial launch and expressed optimism for future platform releases.

However, Avalanche Software, the game’s developer, has confirmed that the PS4 release of Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed until May 5, 2023. It is likely that the developer will focus on the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions before beginning any major work on a sequel or DLC.

Concluding on other non-multiplayer Hogwarts Legacy DLC Rumors

  1. Another possible DLC could introduce new spells and potions for players to learn and master. The player’s character could attend classes that focus specifically on these new skills, which could then be used against enemies in battles.
  2. Finally, the DLC might unlock new locations to explore within the wizarding world, such as St Mungo’s, Diagon Alley, and maybe even the Ministry of Magic. These new areas could present fresh challenges, secrets to uncover, and items to collect.

These are just a few examples of the potential directions that the developers could take with future DLC for Hogwarts Legacy.

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