Hogwarts Legacy: Gameplay showcase – What’s new?

The recent Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase dove deeper into the different mechanics included in the game. Viewers saw more about combat, character creation, and the interface. Before the showcase, little information was available about the open-world game. New details are now bringing in both excitement and speculation.

The Story of Hogwarts Legacy

The main character will come in as a fifth-year student in Hogwarts who’s behind in their studies. They will have to go through some of the lessons once more to catch up with their fellow students. The developers chose a fifth-year student as it provides more access to advanced spells.

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Like any open-world RPG, there will be a lot of quests to undertake alongside the main storyline. The developers mentioned that all classes in the game is optional. However, completing them will yield spell advancements and professor-specific questlines and lore.

Since the player will be catching up, their progress will appear in a personal Wizard’s Field Guide they carry. It showcases the player’s progress, from collections to quests and even spells. They showed a Hufflepuff student with a guide with their house crest. The gameplay also started in the Hufflepuff common room.

Character Creation

Developers from Avalanche Software also showcased some character creation options available to players. Since they will be wearing standard robes to fit their House, the customization is on the accessories they carry. For example, you can wear a bowtie and a waistcoat while sporting your House colors.

Most of the customization comes more from your character’s physical features. You’ll be able to customize hair, hair color, eyes, skin color, and the like. You can also visit a barber in Hogsmeade if you want to change your appearance later in the game.

Combat in Hogwarts Legacy

Near the end of the showcase, the developers quickly looked into combat. They implemented a cooldown system and a combo system with the spells. According to them, cooldowns prevented players from relying to much on spamming. The combos, on the other hand, made combat feel more dynamic. They did a couple of these spells on a training dummy accessible to players inside Hogwarts.

What Else?

While there are many features inside Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche admitted that they could not fit everything. They mentioned that Wizard’s Chess, Quidditch, and Gobstones will not be features that will always be accessible to the players. Instead, they will binclude them in the narrative in some way.

The developers also promised that there is more than just the grounds at Hogwarts castle, and the nearby Hogsmeade. They promised that much of the landscape beyond the school us accessible and explorable. We’ll likely know more as they release information in the coming weeks. The hope is that Hogwarts Legacy will fulfill the wizard fantasy many players are hoping to experience.

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