Hogwarts Legacy: How long to beat + Game Plus soon?

Hogwarts Legacy How long to beat Gameplay Time Game Plus

Hogwarts Legacy offers everything from exploration to side quests but how long does it take to beat the game, achieve the Platinum trophy, and Game Plus update?

Hogwarts Legacy How long to beat Game Plus gameplay time
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How long to beat Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, the much-awaited game turned into a much-loved game is taking over the screens of Pottermore. However, as the game offers a wide world to explore, wizard lessons to attend, and many side quests, it can soak up your time. If you are someone who likes to clear up the schedule and dive deep within the Hogwarts realms, then you must know how long is the gameplay.

  • According to Radio Times, if you only focus on the main story, then it should take approximately 30-35 hours to beat Hogwarts Legacy. Considering it is an open game that is receiving great response for its world-building which you wouldn’t want to miss exploring along with side quests, the game will take much longer than that.
  • If we add in the range of the game, then it will easily take 70 hours or even more to unlock all the trophies and achievements. Even more so, if you’re aiming for the 100% completion and Hogwarts Legacy Platinum trophy.
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How to complete Hogwarts Legacy soon

There are certain ways to complete the game quickly, however, due to its size, the game does consume significant hours. It would easily take 40-50 hours to explore, consume the story, and complete as many side quests as possible. It isn’t a game you can complete over a weekend.

  • However, there are some ways to shorten the gameplay time significantly. You can avoid the exploration, do minimum side quests, and focus more on the main story. Additionally, playing it in easy difficulty mode will help make it quicker and shorter — even then, it would take 20-25 hours.
  • This is why Hogwarts Legacy’s gameplay is heavily dependent on your choices. Such as how much time you wish to invest in exploring the sights and sounds of Hogwarts, and how long you need to go through the main story and additional content will determine its running time.
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Will Hogwarts Legacy have Game Plus soon?

Many games make Game Plus Mode available to satisfy hardcore gamers. It engages them through tough game settings and upgrades on achieved equipment for better replays. It is a popular feature that more and more games are offering to players.

  • Currently, Hogwarts Legacy does not offer Game Plus mode. There also aren’t any rumors or news confirming its arrival soon. However, the game does allow you to make plenty of different character save files. So, you can always replay the game until your heart is delighted.
  • According to Gfinity Esports, it seems likely that you will be able to travel across Hogwarts and its surroundings, even after beating the main story. So, you don’t need to fret over side quests or worry regarding access without New Game Plus mode.
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  • There are many intriguing things to discover in Hogwarts Legacy, and although, it seems unlikely, there is always a chance of makers adding the new Game Plus mode in the future. Let’s hope for that, wizards.

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