Hogwarts Legacy: Mooncalf Beast details + Latest news

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The release date of Hogwarts Legacy is upon us as the game releases on major platforms on February 10, 2023. To hype fans up, the official Twitter account for Hogwarts Legacy has posted details about one of the magical beings in the game, the Mooncalf Beast. Stay with us to know about the latest news in the upcoming Harry Potter open-world RPG

Hogwarts Legacy reveals the Mooncalf Beast

Last January 25, the official Twitter account for Hogwarts Legacy posted a short clip about the Mooncalf Beast. In the five-second clip, we see the Mooncalf standing in front of what we assume is the forest surrounding Hogwarts. There is also a short description of the beast.

According to the clip, the Mooncalf Beast in Hogwarts Legacy has “enormous eyes and a shy personality”. The magical being is further described as being a nocturnal beast.

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Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software
  • From this, we can safely say that there will be a day-to-night cycle in Hogwarts Legacy. The Mooncalf Beast is said to dance “when the light of the full moon hits the ground.”
  • Avalanche Software is yet to release more details about this feature. But it looks like Hogwarts Legacy will follow in the footsteps of the open-world games that came before it. It’s not uncommon for open-world games to include a day-night cycle.
HL Gameplay
Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software
  • If certain locations in GTA games become inaccessible at night, the creatures in Hogwarts Legacy depend on the time of day before they decide to show themselves.
  • For now, we can assume that the Mooncalf Beast in Hogwarts Legacy is merely there to give life to the vast open-world map of the game. The Twitter account also responded to a question asking whether or not you can pet the Mooncalf Beast.

  • They merely responded with “It’s encouraged,” so it will be interesting to see what else players can do to interact with the living beings in Hogwarts Legacy.

More teasers show what you can do in the Wizarding World

Aside from living beings, the sky’s the limit in Hogwarts Legacy. In a clip shared by the Harry Potter Film Twitter account, we see the character jump into the water. This is one of the features we’re most excited about since it shows just how much you can do in Hogwarts Legacy. 

At the moment, Avalanche is doing a great job slowly (but surely) releasing teasers about what players can expect from the Harry Potter-inspired game. The only hurdle they need to overcome at this point is trying to separate their work from JK Rowling. Following her transphobic stances and comments throughout the years, it’s no wonder a lot of people are calling for a boycott. 

Nonetheless, the devs themselves have explicitly stated that they do not share the same views as JK Rowling.

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Are you excited for Hogwarts Legacy to arrive in a few weeks? Which feature are you looking forward to try out in the game? Feel free to discuss with other gamers in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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