Hogwarts Legacy Spells: What We Know So Far

Hogwarts Legacy sends players to the 1800s Wizarding World, and while a lot has changed, several of the key spells and abilities have remained the same.

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Hogwarts Legacy is slowly solidifying itself as one of the 2022’s most anticipated games whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series or simply want to become a wizard or a witch in-game.

All Spells & Abilities We Know So Far In Hogwarts Legacy

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When Hogwarts Legacy comes later this year, here’s a list of all the spells that have been verified so far:

***We’ll keep this page updated when more abilities surface, but for now, here’s what we know.



Accio A spell that summons an object to its caster.
Avada Kedavra The Curse kills its intended victim.
Confringo The target of the Curse explodes.
Diffindo  Charm that can be used to precisely cut an object.
Descendo  A charm that slams or lowers anything to the ground.
Expelliarmus  Enemies are disarmed.
Glacius  Causes the target to be frozen.
Incendio  A jet of flames is produced.
Levicorpus  Enemies are lifted into the air.
Lumos Turns the wand into a source of light.
Oppugno  Forces an object or someone to attack any intended victim.
Petrificus Totalus  The victim is petrified.
Protego  Shields the wearer from harm.
Reparo Used to repair shattered items.
Stupefy  Stuns opponents with a red beam.
Transfiguration Spells that transform one object into another.
??? A bolt of lightning from the heavens is summoned through a mysterious magic that even old wizards don’t understand.
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