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After the efforts that have halted in different phases of production, Sony may choose to do what it has conducted in the past two years and make an announcement about a new game set in the universe of Harry Potter that so many people have been hoping for.

What’s anticipated these days is news backed up by facts on the next State of Play. Tom Henderson, a well-known insider to whom we frequently refer because his knowledge is nearly usually true, believes the PlayStation event will occur in approximately a month.

State of Play 2022

Henderson has tweeted what he believes is the likely schedule of Sony’s next event; dedicated to its system and internally made games: the State of Play. In actuality, the journalist’s reflection is not out of the ordinary. After all, Sony wants the announcement to be one of the most coveted of the entire year for PS5 enthusiasts in both 2019 and 2020 in February.

  • Henderson’s statement mentions an upcoming event that should be “pretty big “. The fact that Square Enix has vowed a significant revelation about a forthcoming project in the spring of this year gives credibility to Henderson’s theory.
  • Final Fantasy 16 is another among the games we anticipate seeing. If something moves, we’ll undoubtedly hear more rumors in the coming weeks.
  • This is especially since, if the trend we’ve observed so far repeats, the event should take place at the end of the month. Just getting started on the large releases scheduled for this extremely busy month.

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