Hogwarts Legacy: Unicorn – Where to find

Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Magic Beasts Find

Hogwarts Legacy offers Magical Beasts including a Unicorn but they can be tricky to find so here’s a guide to help you capture Unicorns and Shiny.

Hogwarts Legacy is offering the complete Hogwarts experience with lessons, exploring, and quests. It also features Magic Beasts for players to capture. Out of all the Beasts available to capture and breed in Hogwarts Legacy, one of the most challenging ones is Unicorn. They are hard to come across in the first place and might need some planning and plotting to achieve. However, this is what makes achieving them rewarding as well.

The essential clues necessary for players to catch a Unicorn are hidden in the Harry Potter series itself. Its location is in the depths of the Forbidden Forest just like in the franchise movies.

There are many steps Wizards and Witches must complete to catch a Unicorn successfully. We will explain them in the simplest manner possible, so keep reading ahead to know where to find the Unicorns and how to catch them.

Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Magic Beasts Where to find
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Where to find the Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy

The Unicorns live in only one single location even when the map of Hogwarts Legacy is so vast, and that is in the northwest of Upper Hogsfield. You can fast-travel to reach Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame and go to the Unicorn Den. After finding them, you will need to catch the Unicorn for which following these steps will help.

  1. Use the Accio spell to slow Unicorn’s movement.
  2. Cast Glacius spell or Arresto Momentum to hold the Unicorn in its place.
  3. Grab the Nab-Sack and capture the Magical Beast.
    • Additionally, the Unicorn capture meter is divided into six slots, so you may need to recast spells to catch it.

In case you don’t own a Nab-Sack yet, it is available to obtain after completing The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest. Other utilities necessary to own before capturing Unicorn are the Beast Feed and Beast Petting Brush. Furthermore, you will require to unlock the Room of Requirement to shelter the captured Unicorn.

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Unicorn Breeding Tips

You can breed the captured Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. You may check out our previous article to find out more about it. Similar to all the other Magic Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, you can breed Unicorns. However, it can be a little more time-taxing than the other Beasts, as the process requires an extra step.

  • Unlike other creatures which are found in groups, Unicorn is only seen singularly when visiting their Habitat, this can either be male or female. Due to this, you will need to repeat the procedure of capturing a Unicorn multiple times before it can start breeding.
  • Similarly, you can also capture or breed Unicorn’s Shiny version and complete their collection. To discover more about Hogwarts Legacy’s Magic Beasts, quests, and updates do check out our Hogwarts Legacy archives and follow Spiel Times for the latest news related to gaming.

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