Hogwarts Legacy DLC in the future
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Fans are eager to know if there will be a DLC including Quidditch available in the future for Hogwarts Legacy; The developers clarify of having no plans for it.

Hogwarts Legacy DLC and expansion
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No DLC for Hogwarts Legacy At The Moment

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most praised open-world, immersive role-play games in the market currently. Fans who have invested their time in tackling the 70-hour gameplay and exploring every corner of Hogwarts Castle are eager for more.

  • The game already offers a wide range of quizzes and challenges to its players. It also offers numerous easter-eggs to stumble upon for Pottermore. It is this success of the game that provokes the desire for more in its fans.
  • However, according to game director Alan Tew, they don’t have any plans for a DLC. The developer Avalanche Software is focusing on the base game at the moment to make it even better in performance.

  • Many fans previously dreamt of a DLC and/or expansion for Hogwarts Legacy. Rumors of Quidditch DLC being part of the later expansion were making rounds over the past few weeks. However, as per game developers, this is not happening yet.
  • There aren’t any reasons for experiencing disappointment considering the game is still very new. It came into the market just earlier this month and still has a long way to go.

Are there any chances of DLC in the Future?

There is no hard emphasis on Hogwarts Legacy never having an expansion. The current statements from developers do not rule out possibilities for future Hogwarts Legacy DLC. It simply clarifies that the team is focused on perfecting the base game before expanding with any additional content.

  • Hogwarts Legacy successfully created a wizarding world for players to have their own Hogwarts experience. This in itself is a praise-worthy task. Due to this any effort to make it a more memorable experience is an incredible and sensible idea.

  • The game is still in development for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch releasing ahead in the year. As pointed out by the Screen Rant, this signifies developers’ plates are full of tasks. They are fixing bugs and offering assistance for the released versions while also working hard on the other console editions.
  • Once these developments are completed, the creators might venture further into the Hogwarts world. It is still a possibility however for a later time. Currently, it is commendable of developers for aiming to provide excellent experiences for their players.
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The Attempted Boycott of Hogwarts Legacy

On one side where the Hogwarts Legacy fans are cherishing the experience, people are encouraging and at times bullying players to boycott the game. The main reason behind this is the copyright. The current copyright of Hogwarts Legacy provides the profits to Harry Potter’s writer J. K. Rowling. Who was ‘canceled’ online for her insensitive remarks related to the Transgender community.

  • In general, the boycott was a failed attempt. Players have remained non-biased towards the game and its developers even when they don’t agree on J. K Rowling’s previous stands.
  • Many fans of Hogwarts Legacy are also waiting for cracker Empress to release her free version of Hogwarts Legacy against Denuvo software. A couple of days ago the news came of her being successful in the cracking and its beta testing will begin shortly. As of writing, Empress confirms Beta 6 for the crack version.
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  • Amongst all these controversies, the developers are trying their best to provide a valuable gaming experience to the fans of Harry Potter and his magical universe. Therefore, the fans who are eager for a DLC can still hope for the expansion in the future.
  • Who knows we might as well get the Quidditch DLC. For more Hogwarts Legacy coverage and guides follow Spiel Times.
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