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A homemade gun was said to be the assassin’s weapon in killing the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe – Nara Japan, July 8, 2022.

According to official broadcaster NHK, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who served as Japan’s president for the longest period of time, passed away on Friday after being shot while running for a parliamentary election.

Improvised Gun Killed Shinzo Abe

Image Courtesy of NHK News

According to early reports in Japanese media, a guy approached Abe, 67, from behind and began firing at him with what seemed to be a handmade rifle as he was speaking at a dull traffic island in the western city of Nara. It was the first time a Japanese pm who was in office or had recently left it had been assassinated since the 1930s, at the height of pre-war militarism.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida strongly condemned the shooting in a speech prior to the news of Abe’s passing, and both the Japanese people and global leaders voiced outrage at the senseless violence in a nation where political violence is uncommon and where guns are strictly regulated.

Act of Violence During Elections

Struggling to control his emotions, Kishida stated that the attack is an act of violence that happened during the elections and the very foundation of their democracy. A fire department official said that Abe appeared to be having a heart attack when taken to the hospital.

41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami Assassinated the Former Prime Minister Because He Was Unhappy With Him

After being charged with carrying out the shooting, a 41-year-old man was reportedly held by police. According to NHK, the suspect, Tetsuya Yamagami, told police he wanted to assassinate Abe because he was disappointed with him.

During Abe’s speech during a campaign event in front of a train station at around 02:30 GMT, two shots were fired. The suspect, who was dressed in a grey T-shirt and beige jeans, was then seen being tackled by security guards.

Image Courtesy of The Asahi Shimbun

Businessman Makoto Ichikawa, who was present, told Reporters that there was a loud blast followed by smoke. He then said that the weapon was around the size of a tv camera. Nobody knew what was happening during the first shot, but after the second shot, what appeared to be special police tackled the gunman.

Tetsuya Yamagami, Nara Native and an Alleged Former Military

The alleged gunman was a Nara resident, according to the police. In 2005, he reportedly served three years in the Japanese military, according to the media.

Two Critical Wounds Caused His Death

Earlier, a picture of Abe with blood on his white shirt laying face-up by a guardrail on the street. The image was then published by the Kyodo news service. He was surrounded by a mob of people, one of them stroking his heart. He received injuries to his left clavicle and right side of his neck, according to Nara emergency services.

Image Courtesy of Kyodo News Service

Nobuo Kishi, the defense minister’s brother, has previously claimed that Abe was receiving blood transfusions. Akie, Abe’s wife, was captured on camera by NHK as she traveled by train to the hospital where he was receiving treatment.

Kishida Election Campaign On Hold

Abe was prime minister for two terms before resigning in 2020 due to health reasons. However, he has continued to exert dominating influence over the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. He is in charge of one of its key groups. According to observers, Kishida, Abe’s apprentice, hoped to use the election to break out of Abe’s influence. Following the shooting, Kishida put his election campaign on hold.

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