Honey Impact Returns Amidst miHoYo Lawsuit

For those who are unaware, Honey Impact or Honey Hunter World is one of the biggest wiki databases for miHoYo’s Genshin Impact. You must be aware that miHoYo is on a hunting spree for anything and everything which might leak future Genshin Impact content. Recently it even sued Bilibili to extract information about 11 major leakers and the proceedings are currently under process. Just like that, it also sent a takedown notice to Honey Impact.

miHoYo’s Notice

Mihoyo allegedly sent the site’s hosting provider an intellectual property complaint and a takedown notice. Honey Hunter World’s developer called “Honey Online” took to Twitter a few days ago, to share the content of the notice and to announce a temporary shutdown.

The message stated, “According to Genshin Impact’s end-user agreement, it prohibits anything that would copy, reproduce, adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise create derivative works based on any of the Mihoyo services.”

The website also received a cease-and-desist letter from miHoYo due to its usage of leaks on its website. It stated that Honey Hunter World features some “openly the confidential statistics and copyrighted works” of its game. Also, the message stated that it showcased “materials that have not even been published” by the developer yet.

The message ended with a request for the hosting provider to intervene or prevent the infringing conduct. It also urged the provider to stop hosting the website or invalidate the link to the game’s subdomain. This could result in being a catastrophic hit on Honey Impact and would destroy all of their websites and web projects.

Honey Impact’s Reaction

Though in the initial tweet Honey Online mentioned that they will be temporarily shutting down the service. Well, it seems like that won’t happen as it is now returning with a few changes. Honey Online said that it would instead be migrating to DMCA ignored hosting.

The publisher also mentioned that they will be removing watermarks alongside any copyrights related to Mihoyo. The Genshin Impact subdomain of Honey Hunter World is still active and running, though the main site has taken a hit.

The new host of Honey Impact is reportedly in Amsterdam, as the Netherlands is not concerned with DMCA takedowns. Additionally, it also made a change to its disclaimer as now it doesn’t mention miHoYo or Genshin Impact by name.

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