Boyband Mirror Concert Accident

An accident occurred in which a massive video screen toppled and crushed two confirmed individuals on Thursday during the concert of the Hong Kong Cantopop boy band Mirror. It appears that safety has been a problem at this location before.

Due to a lack of safety railing and uneven platforms, one of the dancers had fallen off the stage a few days before. A petition was circulated calling on the event planners to improve the musicians’ safety.

Mirror’s Concert Accident Recorded by Fans

According to the source, the concert was abruptly called off as Ahfa Wong Wai-kwan, the band’s manager, entered the stage to address the concerned audience. Social media users uploaded a video of the horrifying occurrence that occurred at the Hong Kong Coliseum. In the video, one of the large floating screens that were above the stage comes loose and lands on the dancers.

  • Among the backup dancers of Mirror, two of the group’s male dancers, including a well-known dancer by the name of Mo, were reportedly rushed to the hospital.
  • Social media users shared a video of the moment the dancers were hit by the screen. During this, nearby organizations set up hotlines for any of the 10,000 concertgoers who were experiencing trauma from the incident.

Just last week, an accident occurred at the same stage.

  • The band has experienced such horrible accidents in the past. The boy band MIRROR’s show in Hong Kong surprised their fans once again. But the surprise was not a good one. It seems that the production of the boy band needs to check the venue first before doing any performances. Red Pavilion was initially going to host 12 consecutive concerts.
  • However, incidents started happening from the first day on. A member of the band fell off the stage accidentally and a dancer was hurt during practice. Frankie Chan, a member, fell off the stage last week while making a speech at a concert. He swiftly rose back up and publicly apologized for his carelessness.

How did the accident happen?

MIRROR members Anson Lo and Edan were playing a duo song. They are dancing with numerous performers in the middle of the stage when the accident occurred. However, a huge screen suspended from the ceiling suddenly swayed and then became loose, falling in an instant.

Screengrab Courtesy of @real_jackycwhau via Twitter

The dancers below were unaware of it in time. The crowd screamed in terror when one of them was struck in the head by the edge of the dropping pane. This is followed by the other dancers nearly getting crushed by it as it also fell flat on them.

Mirror’s dancers survived but 1 is in critical condition.

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital received the injured people right away. Three spectators had shock treatment as well due to the incident.
  • One of the dancers is in critical condition and is possibly suffering from spinal cord damage, according to Hong Kong media outlet, Ming Pao. The incident caused injuries to Lee’s head and Lungs. The other dancer’s health was stable.
Screengrab Courtesy of The Star via YouTube

Further investigation about Mirror’s concert accident will be conducted.

An online petition with more than 13,000 signatures from admirers of Mirror urged the concert’s organizer to address the issues and guarantee everyone’s safety. MakerVille, the company that organizes concerts and is owned by PCCW Media Group, a subsidiary of Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li, said it was properly reviewing the incident.

Mirror’s remaining eight performances in their Hong Kong concert series are now pending. John Lee, the chief executive of Hong Kong, has also called for a review.

“I have contacted the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, and instructed the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, together with relevant departments, to comprehensively investigate the incident and review the safety requirements of similar performance activities in order to protect the safety of performers, working staff and members of the public,” – John Lee

The incident horrifies Hong Kong’s chief executive, John Lee. He extended sympathy to the injured and wished them a speedy recovery. In order to safeguard performers, workers, and the general public, Lee also stated that the government would look into and reassess safety protocols.

Mirror concert postponed until further notice.

Fans anxiously anticipated the most recent concert series, which was initially planned to take place in the famous Coliseum. Mirror’s supporters instantly bought all the tickets for their July 25 to August 6 concerts.

Boyband Mirror Fan Meet
Image Courtesy of Bertha Wang

The scheduled concert will be put on hold until the stage structure is determined to be safe, according to Kevin Yeung, the city’s culture secretary. The concert tour for the group, which was scheduled to continue through August 6th, has also been temporarily postponed as a result of this occurrence.

Mirror fans that went to this concert are entitled to a refund.

  • Makerville, the concert’s promoter, expressed regret for “unease to viewers or others affected” in a message on Facebook and announced that attendees of Thursday’s show will be entitled to a refund.
  • The event happened in spite of warnings from audience members at three prior performances that the stage and set were unstable. Mirror fans also started a petition requesting the concert organizers guarantee the safety of the performers.

None of the 12 Mirror members were hurt in the incident.

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