Honkai Star Rail global release to reward 80+ free wishes: Log-in event, pre-registration rewards, and more

Global release

Honkai Star Rail is set to release globally on April 26, 2023, setting up another gacha title from the HoYoverse family. As a part of their marketing strategy, the game will feature free wishes for players to celebrate their official launch. Anyone willing to play the game should grab the ceremonial opportunity to boost up their character roster. 

The overall impression of the Honkai Star Rail Closed Beta release was mostly optimistic. The game is likely to set up a positive reinforcement to its future community and giving out free pulls is the beginning of that journey. 

New players have to meet certain criteria to achieve the reward that developers have boasted of. Here is the breakdown of the sources for obtaining over 80+ free wishes upon the version 1.0 launch.

Honkai Star Rail to reward 80+ free wishes on global release through a Log-in event, Pre-registration rewards, and more 

Log-in event

Honkai Star Rail log-in event
Honkai Star Rail log-in rewards (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Given that Honkai Star Rail is from the developers of Genshin Impact, it should be no surprise to receive rewards for daily log-in. From what is known so far, these will contain Star Rail special passes, a currency that will be used to wish on featured character banners. This is most likely to be obtainable for a week from the log-in day. 

Here is a complete breakdown of what players will receive each day, during the event run-time. 

  • 1 Star Rail special pass (Day 1)
  • 1 Star Rail special pass (Day 2)
  • 2 Star Rail special passes (Day 3)
  • 1 Star Rail special pass (Day 4)
  • 1 Star Rail special pass (Day 5)
  • 1 Star Rail special pass (Day 6)
  • 3 Star Rail special passes (Day 7)

There will be a total of 10 wishes that newcomers can achieve from the daily log-in event for a week.

Pre-registration rewards 

Honkai Star Rail Pre-registration reward
Honkai Star Rail Pre-registration reward (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Developers of Honkai Star Rail also opened up about the Pre-registration milestone reward. How players will be able to achieve it depends on community engagement. They have established various slabs for the number of pre-registrants with each one of them containing some hefty prize. 

Here is a breakdown of every single milestone slab and the rewards tied to them. 

  • 500,000: Credit x50,000
  • 1,000,000: Star rail Pass x3
  • 2,000,000: Trailblazer Welcome Avatar x1
  • 3,500,000: 4-Star character Serval (Lightning element: Erudition Path)
  • 5,000,000: Star Rail Pass X15
  • Social media follower reaches 2,500,000: Star Rail Pass x2 and credit x50,000

On hitting the mentioned requirements the reward will be mailed to every player’s account.

Trailblazing Will

Trailblazing Will
Trailblazing Will (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail will feature a Trailblaze EXP that players will have to farm to level up their account. One way to increase the Trailblaze level is by completing quests, challenges, commissions, and more. The progression reward includes Star rail passes and Stellar Jades (160 for one Star Rail pass) which can be used to obtain more Standard characters.

The list below will cover the rewards that are obtainable by increasing the Trailblaze level in the game. 

  • Level 5: 10 Star Rail passes 
  • Level 15: 10 Star Rail passes 
  • Level 25: 10 Star Rail passes + 800 Stellar Jades  
  • Level 35: 10 Star Rail passes+ 800 Stellar Jades

This makes a total of 50 wishes throughout the Trailblazing Will that anyone can obtain by putting in some time in the game. 


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