Honkai: Star Rail – Release Date, Platforms, and More

Honkai Star Rail - Release Date, Platforms, and More - Featured

Now that Honkai: Star Rail is finished with its closed beta period, a lot of gamers are excited for the game’s release date that’s coming in a few days. Aside from Genshin Impact, HoYoverse has been keeping themselves busy with developing another epic adventure across the galaxy with Star Rail. In this article, we will be covering all the important details you need to know about Honkai: Star Rail, including what platforms you can play the game on after release. Stay with us!

What is Honkai: Star Rail all about?

Honkai: Star Rail is an upcoming turn-based roleplaying game that is a follow-up to Honkai Impact 3rd. If you haven’t played HI3, there’s no need to worry that you may feel lost if you decide to try out this game. You don’t actually need to have any prior knowledge of other HoYoverse games, so you can go into it blindly.

  • The main character you control in Honkai: Star Rail is someone who bears a Stellaron, a powerful device that gives its host a range of powers. Your character is also called The Trailblazer in the game.

  • As you play through the game, you need to follow the path once traveled by an Aeon, another individual who could use the power of the Stellaron. It also starts of similar to how we embarked on our journey in Genshin Impact. The main character wakes up with amnesia, but they turn out to be a big deal as they are embedded with the power of the Stellaron.

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  • The game is a combination of exploring an open-world map and dungeons. However, the combat system in Honkai: Star Rail is more similar to its predecessor, Honkai Impact 3rd. You will have to engage in turn-based combats instead of hacking and slashing like Travelers do in Genshin Impact.

Similar to other HoYoverse titles, the upcoming game has a gacha system where you can pull for different characters and equipment. If you’re more familiar with Wishes in Genshin Impact, they call it Warps in Star Rail.

Release date

As of writing, HoYoverse looks dead set on Honkai: Star Rail’s April 26, 2023 release date. With the game being in beta for a while now, the long wait is finally over as we’re less than a week from diving into the majestic world of Star Rail.

Pre-installation is available starting April 23. Players who manage to pre-register before April 26 comes around are also eligible for awesome rewards. With the game surpassing 10 million pre-registrations, HoYoverse decided to give back to their supportive community.

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Players who pre-registered before April 26 will get tons of rewards. Here are some of the rewards you’ll get once you log into the game:

  • 4-star character Serval (Erudition: Lightning)
  • 20 Star Rail Passes (needed to pull in Honkai: Star Rail’s gacha)
  • 50,000 Credits
  • ‘Trailblazer – Welcome’ Avatar

You can also enter a raffle for a gift card worth $100 by retweeting the post below:

What platforms will Honkai: Star Rail be on?

When Honkai: Star Rail comes out on April 26, 2023, it will only be available for the following platforms: Android, iOS, and PC. However, it will follow in Genshin Impact’s footsteps and release on the PlayStation at a later date. For gamers on the PS4, no need to worry as the game is expected to still release on Sony’s previous-gen console.

As of writing, the game’s PlayStation version is still development. We can expect to learn more about this soon. For now, you can download it on your PC or smartphone so you won’t miss out on the excitement!

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Have you pre-registered for Honkai: Star Rail yet? What are you looking forward to the most from HoYoverse’s upcoming title? Feel free to leave any thoughts you have in the comments below! For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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