Guwahati-based cafe Hopper’z AReNa plans for Dota 2 & CS:GO tournaments soon

Hopper'z AReNa

It is always great to see local tournaments happening every now and then. And it feels like we’re about to witness one very soon. Hopper’z AReNa, one of Guwahati’s premium video game cafes, has shared its plans to organize both Dota 2 and CS: GO tournaments this November.

They shared their plans for the tournament on their Facebook page, later yesterday. The post says –

In a talk with Vikash Goyal, the owner of the cafe, I said, “November is a month of exams and it won’t be possible for most of us to attend this event”. To which his reply was, “Exams are at the end of November I guess. The first week will not be an issue I guess. Otherwise, we will have to postpone it.”

Details regarding the registration fees, prize pool and dates are yet to be finalized. Upon asking, Vikash says, “After dates are finalize we will declare other details”.

Let’s look forward to the tournaments this November and hopefully, I will meet you there.

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