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Even though Horizon Forbidden West had a high approval rating from various critics, it wasn’t enough to beat Elden Ring. When Horizon Zero Dawn was first released, it was in the same timeframe as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So it seems that the Horizon series has some sort of curse that they can’t get rid of. And their devs are more than annoyed at the Elden Ring’s 96% critic rating.

Image Courtesy of Guerilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West developers publicly criticize aspects of Elden Ring.

In a series of tweets, executives from both Sony and Ubisoft exchanged their sentiments on Elden Ring. Ahmed Salama, Ubisoft’s User Experience director, shared their thoughts on Elden Ring’s 97 Metacritic score. In their initial tweet, the Metacritic score was “proof” that reviewers don’t give “a flaming poop” about a game’s user experience.

Afterward, Rebecca Fernandez O’Shea replied to Salama’s tweet. “Nor PC graphics, stability & performance, apparently,” O’Shea wrote, implying that reviewers didn’t pay attention to those aspects in Elden Ring. O’Shea is a graphics programmer at Nixxes Software which is owned by Sony.

And finally, senior quest design for Horizon Forbidden West Blake Rebouche added his thoughts. Rebouche criticized Elden Ring’s quest design and said, “Nor quest design, really.”

Horizon Forbidden West is a great game, but Elden Ring clearly dominated them in terms of sales.

The concepts of both games are far different from each other, so it’s impossible to compare them. But given that Elden Ring is available on multiple platforms while Horizon Forbidden West is a PlayStation exclusive, we’d like to think that’s a factor. Additionally, we cannot deny the popularity that Elden Ring has and it’s likely this affected Forbidden West.

In conclusion, it would’ve benefitted Horizon Forbidden West more if they chose either an earlier or later release date. Deciding to release at the same time as Elden Ring was a bad decision on their end. Maybe in the future, Guerilla Games can finally break this curse and choose a proper release date for their future releases.

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