The latest in the rumor mill suggests that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC.

One of the biggest Russian bloggers Anton Logvinov, has revealed the information in his latest video. He says “To everyone who was moaning when at the beginning of the year I said that Death Stranding will come to PC – I suggest taking chill pills and screaming that I’m crazy like you did at the beginning of the year. Because Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on PC on February next year. Hopefully you guys are alive, the announcement will be soon.”

He further adds, “I’m talking to different developers who are making something for the PlayStation 5, and they said to me that Sony warns them “keep the PC version in mind”.

This the same person who predicted Death Stranding’s PC launch. Whether this leak is true as well remains to be seen.

Horizon Zero Dawn Coming To PC According To Youtuber Who Leaked Death Stranding’s PC Release


  1. This Youtuber is a complete moron and a half
    Death Stranding was made by a independent game company
    which of course is not bought by Sony and that game studio is Kojima productions
    Guerrilla Games is a first party studio an they cannot put their games on another platform
    how retarded is this dumbass to not realize any one can and or could predict that Death Stranding
    is coming to PC considering it did not have the label saying ( Only on Playstation ) which Horizon Zero Dawn
    does so he is not credible at all.


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