Horizon Zero Dawn™

Horizon Zero Dawn got announced on PC just a few days ago and fans are eagerly waiting for the game to release. While the news was pretty surprising, it has received quite good reception from the community. One of the most exciting things the launch on PC brings apart from mods is the fact that you can change graphic settings.

However, for people interesting in fiddling with the FOV, there is not so good news. The developers have revealed that the PC version won’t have a FOV slider. In a Steam discussions post, Guerilla developer Anne revealed, “We will add several ways to customize your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC. However, we feel that changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much, so you will not be able to change this.

A FOV slider is something that is preferred by a lot of PC gamers. The reason behind that is that console games have very low FOV because the hardware can’t handle high FOV. However, the fact is that the same causes a lot of issues on PC as gamers have to sit very close to the monitor and that makes them nauseous.

While this is something that will disappoint many, the developer’s justification kind of makes sense. However, we hope that the FOV is properly set and tweaked keeping in mind PC gamers.


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