How Teru can withstand Dimple’s brainwashing in Mob Psycho 100 III

The golden rule for writing the greatest support character ever has to derive from this: have an overly egoistic antagonist who thinks he’ll never lose. Make him face the protagonist and come face-to-face with the reality that he isn’t actually the strongest on Earth. Flash forward a few months later, making him a person who is willing to help others and not stray as he had earlier done. Enter, Teru Hanazawa – an unthought-foe turned ally in Mob Psycho 100 III.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 4: Teru withstands Dimple’s brainwashing which even Reigen couldn’t

Teru Mob Psycho 100
Teru slicing Dimple into pieces initially, Courtesy of muse asia
  • The last episode, Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 4, witnessed Teru withholding The Divine Tree powered Ekubo’s (Dimple) brainwashing. While seemingly everyone else in the city (As hinted by Mob) is already under the tree’s brainwashing. Even espers have not been able to escape it, including Ritsu.
  • We can also assume Serizawa, another powerful Esper foe turned ally, is also brainwashed as of now (anime onlys). Yet for Teru to overcome Dimple’s brainwashing not only once but twice, how exactly does he do it? and what does it imply for how Strong Teru in Mob Psycho 100 is?

How Teru has grown as a character since season 1

  • The battle between Mob and Teru in Season 1 was tactical. It helped to completely diminish Mob Psycho 100 Teru’s over-regarded self-esteem.
  • For one example, In one instance during the fight Teru Hanazawa piles up a set of knives to make Mob use his powers.

Mob ends up directing them towards a place where they meet Teru’s hair, slicing and balding him in the process. Although his flesh comes unscathed, his life-long self-esteem goes down the drain.

Teru is a powerful esper capable of fighting Claw’s Ultimate 5 division member 

Dimple's divine tree form
Dimple in his divine tree body, pressured immensely by Teru’s esper powers. Courtesy of muse asia

Ever since the first battle with Mob, Teru has changed. Showing an innate depth of character, maturity, understanding, humbleness, and compassion toward his friend. He has aided Mob in the hero’s ventures against the 7th division of the Claw fight.

Teru’s character development is perhaps the finest ever seen in Mob Psycho 100 ever, evident in his final battle in Season 2 against Ryo Shimazaki. Ryo was part of Claw’s ultimate 5, which is about as strong as espers can get. Although it wasn’t easy on Teru’s part, it definitely proved his capability.

In Mob Psycho 100 Dimple’s brainwashing can be withheld with intense emotions

Dimple's brainwashing
Teru throws out the candy to undo the brainwashing, Courtesy of muse asia

Now Dimple is insanely strong at this moment, perhaps a little less strong than Claw’s final boss. Powered by an immense population of Salt City giving their life to the divine tree. Dimple stands at the helm of receiving all these powers.

Add it to the further brainwashing he has done to put everyone under his Psycho Helmet Religion. Withstanding Dimple’s psychic powers-infused brainwashing is difficult. But Teru has done it not once but twice.

Mob Psycho 100 Teru withstanding Dimple’s Brainwashing

Dimple Divine Tree
Dimple watches as Teru consumes the brainwashing candy, Courtesy of muse asia

First when he takes the pill after coming home from school. A Divine Tree-manifested body possessed by Dimple can be seen standing at Teru’s back, indicating that Dimple is cautious of this powerful esper.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 4
Teru being brainwashed a second time

Teru ends up throwing the candy up. The second time is directly when Teru confronts dimple within the Broccoli’s premise. Teru mentions that it takes intense emotions within the self to overcome Dimple’s brainwashing.

Teru’s capacity to withstand the brainwashing is commendable

Teru Hanazawa
Teru eats the candy containing the brainwashing, via Muse Asia
  • Given how no one, even Reigen seems to be capable of overcoming Dimple’s brainwashing, it tells you a lot about just how much self-control is required. As it doesn’t matter about your psychic powers but rather your psychological state, Teru definitely proves something.
  • That he isn’t just a powerful esper capable of going toe-to-toe with a member of Claw’s Ultimate 5, but also a character of intense emotional and character maturity.


Mob Psycho 100 Teru
Teru Hanazawa, via Muse Asia

Yusuke the illustrator of One Punch Man Manga himself said how he was fascinated by ONE’s webcomics during a time when he was penned by illness and thought to himself that he wishes to meet this meet. Yusuke’s dream of working with ONE came true soon enough as both reworked the original One Punch Man Manga to release a new digitalized version. Of the many things for which Yusuke held ONE in high regard, we bet one such was his unique ability to turn villains into friends.

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