British woman gave birth while in coma
Emma was a dental hygienist before being paralyzed (Image via Scott Weeks / SWNS)

A non-cancerous brain tumor that Emma Taylor, a British woman, had been carrying for years suddenly ruptured. This forced her to give birth six weeks early while still unconscious. Taylor, a dental hygienist from Chelmsford, Britain, was seven and a half months pregnant when she suddenly fell ill. Then her partner, Scott Weeks, took her to the hospital.

Taylor underwent an emergency cesarean section to deliver Ophelia after doctors found the tumor and put her in a medically induced coma. She then underwent surgery to remove the brain tumor two days later. However, she remained in a coma for an additional three months.

Emma, a British woman, became paralyzed after giving birth 

Emma gave birth to a baby girl
Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl (Image via Scott Weeks / SWNS)

When Emma experienced a headache in the advanced stage of her pregnancy her life was forever altered. The headache actually turned out to be much worse than she had anticipated.

The 33-year-old suddenly passed out at home on October 30, 2022. Then her boyfriend Scott Week took her to the Queen’s Hospital in London. In order to give birth to their baby girl, Taylor was then put into an induced coma.

The infant was born six weeks early, but no difficulties occurred. After the baby was born, scans revealed that Emma likely had a non-cancerous brain tumor.

“The scans then showed a huge tumor she’d been living with which had burst after pregnancy hormones accelerated its growth,” Scott said.

According to Metro, Taylor spent three months in a coma. In spite of the fact that two-thirds of the 60-millimeter tumor was successfully removed by surgeons. The burst tumor paralyzed her and was still being treated there six months later.

“This caused a bleed on the brain, and as a result, her right brain stem and right eye were affected – leaving her left side paralyzed”, the doctors said.

However, Taylor is determined to recover for her baby daughter. Unfortunately, she can’t yet talk, so she only communicates via head and hand movements.

“She’s trapped in her own body — and I know all that she wants is to come home to her baby,” Weeks said.

What had actually happened? 

Scott said, “I knew she hadn’t been feeling well, and while I was downstairs she fell out the bed and was sick on the floor.”

“Her right eye was partially open and partially closed, and the left side of her body was motionless”, he added.

Scott then dialed 999 out of extreme concern for her and their unborn child.

“I called an ambulance, but they couldn’t get to us fast enough, so I decided to drive Emma myself,” he said. “It’s lucky I did because doctors said if I had waited four hours, there would have been a very different outcome”, Weeks continued.

“They needed to carry out scans on Emma, but to do that safely, they delivered Ophelia first”, Weeks concluded.

The present scenario 

Scott has already raised a significant amount
Scott has already raised a significant amount (Image via

To put Emma Taylor in a private rehabilitation program, Scott is now gathering money via GoFundMe. His objective is to collect roughly £500,000 ($626,000). By Wednesday afternoon, there had been pledges for more than £41,150 ($51,519)

“The intensive physiotherapy is critical to her recovery and without this, we fear that she will never be able to recover enough to go home again and to regain her independence,” Weeks wrote on the fund-raising page.

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