How Did BTS Jungkook Fill Times Square NYC? | ARMYs React

How Did BTS Jungkook Fill Times Square NYC? | ARMYs React

There are no other words to express how ARMYs make things happen in a jiffy. On November 9 ET, BTS Jungkook surprised the Times Square NYC crowd with his GOLDEN performances. While he hyped up the audience, we kept thinking how did he fill the TSX in a such short notice? Well, ARMYs flooded X (formerly Twitter) with their feelings, emotions, and highlights of the maknae’s show; here is everything we got!

BTS Jungkook Successfully Captured The NYC Fans

In a long list of promotional activities for BTS Jungkook’s GOLDEN album, he did not miss the opportunity to surprise their beloved fans — the ARMYs. We may have written his GOLDEN album complete schedule, but it wasn’t on our bingo card that Jeon Jungkook would serenade the whole Times Square. And for what it’s worth — completely filling all the corners, just like a sold-out concert. Who’s doing it like him?!

30 minutes before his scheduled 5:30 PM ET set, the official X account of BTS posted an announcement of the surprise performance. Everybody was surprised, and not gonna lie, we were, too! In a short but sweet Tweet, New York ARMYs started to pick up their bags and head to Times Square to witness this once-in-a-lifetime surprise event from the one and only BTS Jungkook.

  • As we know, ARMYs, this dedicated fanbase, would always find a way to support their favorite band, not to mention the last soloist to debut — the golden maknae. We felt like all the urgency in the world was on the ARMYs’ shoulders during the surprise show, but we’re positive that all of it paved off when they saw JK.

Of course, BTS wouldn’t want their fans to miss out on this special event. For fans living far from Times Square, we hope you caught BTS Jungkook performing on the livestream! Fortunately, for fans who were fast asleep by the time of the announcement, worry no more, as you can repeat JK’s live performance set on BTS’s official YouTube channel, or just check it out below!

It’s fascinating how music can break boundaries and unite everyone. According to reports, a couple of thousands of fans went to the area to watch the performances of Jungkook. Speaking of, here is the setlist of the special event!

  • Standing Next To You
  • Yes Or No
  • 3D
  • Please Don’t Change
  • Seven

Now that we know how fast these ARMYs move because of their faves,  let’s jump into their reactions during the Jung Kook Live At TSX, Times Square! We sure got a lot of keyboard smashing on X, here’s what the ARMYs say.

Fans’ Reactions Over The Surprise Event

First off, numerous media outlets reported the huge surprise event. Jungkook’s name is still trending on X, even after a couple of hours since the GOLDEN performance ended. The stage setup was perfect for Jeon Jungkook to see all his fans cheering and rooting for him. Although we’re uncertain if the fans are comfortable, nonetheless, we knew they enjoyed every second of it, even if they were looking up to watch JK. We wish we were there to hear the golden maknae’s voice, too!


With this stage, of course, fans wouldn’t miss this chance to post memes about the situation there during the show. If you remember Despicable Me’s Gru and the Minions, some fans, perhaps, became reminiscent of it.

We are thinking of Jungkook’s effect right now, but clearly, the Tweets below are enough proof that no matter who, what, or which, everyone will not escape JK’s charms. It feels like he knows how to get everybody and he’s successful in doing it. The whole Times Square crowd just went chanting Jungkook! Jungkook! and he humbly appreciates and thanks everyone there.


It wouldn’t be the perfect event without Jeon Jungkook himself. A dance break? Check. Live vocals? Check. His outfit? Perfect. Stage presence? That’s automatic. What else are we missing? Oh, ARMYs, you have to see the performance by yourselves. We’re not kidding, it’s too impactful!

And lastly, a lot of fans shared how proud they are of the BTS maknae. From breaking records to filling up Times Square with a surprise event, Jeon Jungkook is truly a superstar — no one can say otherwise. ARMYs witnessed his artistic growth, from being the youngest member to being one of the biggest soloists in this generation. No wonder ARMYs felt a rollercoaster of emotions watching him perform live at the TSX.


With the success of his solo debut album, we can’t wait for more bigger feats in the future. Hmm, maybe some music award show wins on the upcoming year-end ceremonies? That’s entirely possible to happen. ARMYs, we have to watch out because there might be more surprises ahead!

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