The Korean actor Joo Won is back in the movie scene after 6 years. It was first announced in March this year that the actor is starting in a leading role in a new Netflix original film. He is starring in an action film ‘Carter’ which is coming this August 5 on the streaming platform.

  • Moreover, the 34-year-old actor is portraying a secret agent named Carter who wakes up with no memories left in his mind. Where all he needed to stay alive was to finish the mission given to him. He needs to save a girl that could be the cure for a virus despite all the circumstances.
  • This new character of Joo Won is certainly different from other roles he portrayed in his dramas and movies such as Bridal Mask, Good Doctor, Fatal Intuition, My Sassy Girl, and Alice. 
  • He then went through a lot of effort in preparing for his role in Carter. So what did he do in to prepare for this action movie?

Get to know Joo Woo’s preparation as Carter

Image Courtesy of @NetflixKR via Twitter
  • To portray the role, Joo Won went through intensive preparation. According to The Korea Times, the actor revealed during the movie’s press conference that he added over 7 kilograms (15.4 pounds) to this weight.
  • In achieving that needed weight for the role, he went on a diet and has trained for about 4 months. He also trained for the action scenes and stunts in the movie.
  • He then shaved his hair to complete the transformation for his Carter role.
  • As the movie is jampacked with life and death action scenes, Joo Won also revealed that he mostly did the stunts by himself instead of stunt actors. But in doing it, he had to rehearse a lot of times so he could feel comfortable doing the scenes.

This just goes to show how passionate Joo Won is as an actor. He has put a lot of effort physically and emotionally into his role. So it’s going to be exciting to see how all of the hard work has been put into the entire movie.

  • Watch the trailer of Carter
    • Carter is a 2-hour movie.
    • Directed by Jung Byung Gil. Streaming on Netflix this August 5.
    • Starring Joo Won, Lee Sungjae, Jeong Sori, and Kim Bomin.

Enjoy watching this action-packed film starting tomorrow!

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SOURCES: Netflix, The Korea Times