How did Mitsuri Kanroji become the Love Hashira in Demon Slayer? Backstory explored

Mitsuri Kanroji is very strong

A new season of Demon Slayer premiered last week with a 45-minute episode. The first episode of the new season depicted the aftermath of Season 2 and introduced several new characters, such as the Upper Moon demons, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Sumiyoshi, and the residents of the swordsmith village. Familiar faces, such as Doma, Akaza, and Mitsuri, also made a reappearance in the episode.

Mitsuri’s fans will be excited to know that they will see much more of the pink-haired Pillar in the upcoming episodes. The new season will have the Love Hashira take center stage as she accompanies our team of heroes. So, before the new episode hits the internet, let’s take a look at the origins of the Love Hashira.

Note: The article contains manga spoilers.

Mitsuri Kanroji is much stronger than she looks in Demon Slayer

Mitsuri’s name is derived from Kanji which means “nectar” or “sweet,” which symbolizes her character very well. She has a sweet nature and gets well with everyone at the Demon Slayer Corp. She likes to take care of children as well.

At first glance, Mitsuri may seem like a character created to offer fan service to viewers. Her small and colorful structure appears unusual when compared to other Hashiras in the series. However, looks can be deceiving, especially in the case of Mitsuri Kanroji.

Mitsuri’s uniform consists of a short pleated dress with a large opening in the chest area. Her former mentor and fellow Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, gifted her with a white haori which she wears over her uniform. While, her green thigh-high socks were gifted by the Serpent Hashira, Obanai Iguro. Her bright pink hair is tied in three thick pigtails, and she has bright green eyes with a beauty mark under each of her eyes.

Mitsuri is far stronger than she appears. Her muscles are eight times denser than those of a normal human being, giving her the ability to fight opponents eight times stronger than herself. This also affects her eating habits, as Mitsuri has a voracious appetite, consuming triple the amount of food eaten by a sumo wrestler.

She is also incredibly flexible, standing next to Inosuke, who can contort his body to pass through small burrows. She is swift and has great sword-fighting skills.

Mitsuri joined Demon Slayer Corp to find a husband

When Mitsuri was 17 years old, she couldn’t find a husband who would accept her for who she was. She tried to eat less to pretend to be normal, but it adversely affected her health, causing her to faint. In desperation, she decided to join the Demon Slayer Corps. While most people joined the Corps to battle demons, Mitsuri wanted to find a partner stronger than herself within the organization.

However, as Mitsuri gained confidence, her reasons for staying at the establishment changed. With time, she became a Hashira, supporting her friends in their battles against demons.

The Love Hashira trained under Kyojuro Rengoku, and she passed the Demon Slayer entrance test just after six months of training, which is a feat in itself. Mitsuri learned flame breathing but realized that it did not match her flexible and swift body. So, she created her very own fighting and breathing style called Love Breathing.

Love Breathing mixes Flame Breathing with Mitsuri’s strength and flexibility, giving her great results. She also uses a unique Nichirin blade that moves like a whip rather than a sword. We will see her use this blade in upcoming episodes of Season 3.

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