How did Pinoy Pawnstars find out about Francis Magalona’s alleged love child Francesca?

Pinoy Pawnstars Francesca Magalona Francis Magalona

Francis Magalona’s alleged baby mama and love child Abegail Rait and Gaile Francesca have been the talk of the town recently after their appearance in Pinoy Pawnstars went viral. Issues arose after Abegail revealed that she and Francis M were in a relationship 15 years ago. Their love resulted in a baby girl, Francesca. But, how did Boss Toyo discover about the master rapper’s secret family?

How did Boss Toyo and Pinoy Pawnstar discover Francis M’s alleged daughter Gaile Francesca?

Actually, it’s the other way around. Francis Magalona’s alleged baby mama Abegail Rait found out about Pinoy Pawnstars vlog and thought that her favorite memorabilia of the Filipino master rapper would be perfectly preserved in Boss Toyo’s shop. Rait even added that she wants people to know that they (she and Francesca) exist and wants them to also see more things about Francis M. Boss Toyo will be opening a museum soon, so it would also be a great way to exhibit the jersey worn by the iconic rapper.

According to Boss Toyo, whose real name is Jayson Luzadas, he notified the deceased rap icon’s wife, Pia Arroyo Magalona, about an upcoming revelation of Abegail Rait. Unfortunately, Pia did not respond. Until now, Pia and her children (Maxene, Saab, Elmo, Frank, Arkin, and Clara) have yet to make an official statement about the Francesca and Abegail Rait issue.

On the other hand, Boss Toyo mentioned he was skeptical if he would upload the video considering that it could stir a lot of controversy. Francis Magalona passed away in 2009 due to Leukemia and his alleged love child, Gaile Francesca, is now 15 years old.

What is Pinoy Pawnstars?

Pinoy Pawnstars is a YouTube vlog launched by rapper/social media influencer Boss Toyo. It’s basically a Filipino version of the hit History Channel TV series “Pawn Stars” where people go and pawn interesting and valuable items in all shapes and forms.

But, Boss Toyo and Pinoy Pawnstars are focusing mainly on celebrating local artists and celebrities. So far, they’ve managed to buy priceless merch from various Filipino personalities like Gloc-9, Baron Geissler, Long Mejia, and most recently, a jersey worn by Francis Magalona. The show launched in May 2022 and has been going steady for more than a year now. If you are a fan and have valuable memorabilia you want to sell/pawn, you can go to Pinoy Pawnstars’ shop in Quezon City, Philippines.

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