K-pop: How did the SKZ FAMILY start? | Stray Kids’ Chuseok Special Revealed

Stray Kids returns with SKZ Family for Chuseok 2023

The favorite family of K-pop is returning this Chuseok to celebrate the festival with STAYs. The special SKZ Code episodes will bring back grandparents I.N. and Felix, their children Han and his wife Hyunjin, and their children Changbin and Chan. The show will also bring back Uncle Seungmin and his strong wife, Lee Know. Let’s find out more about this three-generation family.

Stray Kids announces SKZ Family episodes for Chuseok Special

JYP Entertainment has announced two new episodes of Stray Kids‘ SKZ Family for Chuseok. This mid-autumn harvest festival is a major event in South Korea. All the families gather to celebrate the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar over a three-day holiday. During this family time, many special events are organized, and to unite with the holiday spirit, Stray Kids will also bring back their SKZ Family.

  • As mentioned above, this eccentric family features the group’s maknae I.N. and Felix as grandparents while the two mathyungs play the role of the home’s youngest members. The family first appeared in 2019 and returned in 2021 to give some of the most memorable and hilarious moments, including Bang Chan’s “I’m Foive” dialogue.
  • Subsequently, following the schedule, Stray Kids will return with the SKZ Family episodes as a part of their variety show SKZ Code, available on YouTube. All the STAYs are invited to join in the chaos of this family on September 21 and September 28 at 8 PM KST.

How did the SKZ Family start?

The famous SKZ Family began in 2019 with SKZ Code’s holiday special episodes. The reason for it was simply to enjoy the family time during Chuseok while rolling in laughter with Stray Kids. Originally, the group’s former member Woojin was also part of the show as the third child of Han and Hyunjin.

  • In the first season, one particular family feud went viral among the K-pop community. Han comically expressed interest in Seungmin’s wife, Lee Know, and found himself tangled in romantic love triangle allegations.
  • Following the positive response from STAYs, the group decided to reunite to roleplay in 2021. This time, the show went viral beyond their fandom and gave some of the most hilarious memes. The family’s fashion show and Grandpa Felix’s TikTok dances made people roll with laughter.
  • They also hinted towards the past love triangle of Han, Hyunjin, and Lee Know by referring to the popular K-drama The World Of The Married.

STAYs react to SKZ Family 2023 reunion

The fans of the K-pop boy group gaining global acclamation rejoiced with happiness upon learning that the SKZ Family will reunite with Chuseok in 2023. They mentioned how beautiful the women of the household have become over the years and expressed their excitement to find more iconic memes from the show.

  • STAYs also expressed their concerns for Grandpa I.N. and Felix as they no longer appear of their age. This change has people wondering if they have passed away or found an elixir of youth. After all, anything is possible in the SKZ Family. Read some of their reactions below:

  • SKZ Family will be released on September 21 and 28 at 8 PM KST on SKZ Code. Don’t forget to greet your favorite family during the Chuseok holiday this year!

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